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Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Not a crystal or stone, but a seashell - and a beautiful one, indeed. It has a rather flattened shape with the outer shell looking funky and organic, while the inside is jewel-like. Due to the shape, it is sometimes called "sea ears." 

The water element is strong in shells, making it a perfect ally for healing emotional issues.  The blue and green colors found within are calming, settling overactive emotions and  chakras. Lay the shell over the chakra, adding other crystals as needed. Abalone's energy is soothing, not overwhelming. It heals the emotional body by re-aligning the energy so it flows gently, assisting with the release of what is no longer beneficial and allowing what is to flow freely. It is especially effective for survivors of traumatic situations and also for those who are resistant to or fearful of making needed changes. It can work to heal the heart chakra by gently releasing sorrow, feelings of loneliness, loss and being unloved. For me, shells are womb-like, holding a life within, therefore they carry mother-goddess energies. This may be why their energy brings comfort and peacefulness .

Abalone is also helpful for divination and oracle work, it's reflective iridescence stimulates intuitive and psychic abilities through the third eye. Shells may also be used for scrying, gazing and meditative work.

In magick, abalone can be used in love spells or any other spell involving emotions. Place your charm ingredients in the shell or make amulets of abalone jewelry for your various needs. If you find broken shells or jewelry, grind  and add to magickal powders.   

Abalone shells make beautiful offering bowls, but I advise against using them, as many do, to burn sage, resins and other incense. First of all, the burning damages the beauty of the shell. Why would you want to do that? Second, this womb-like shell was the home of a life, the spirit of that life may still be attached to it, ready to assist you. Burning it may likely damage that connection and is disrespectful.  Allow this shell to work its water element magick by being seen and reflecting its beauty and energies out into our lives. 

(copyright E A Kaufman, 2011)

Blessings nine!


  1. Also, I have found that grinding or machine-polishing abalone shell without a mask can cause significant illness - it is best to grind abalone shell underwater, if at all.

  2. Oh, that's interesting, I did not know they could be toxic. Thanks Marsha. I don't grind the shells, we get them at the shop where I work and they are already polished.
    Again, thanks for sharing the info!

  3. Lovely article. I was trying to decide what to use for scrying & burning incense/herbs. At first I was thinking a marble/ceramic bowl, then I got the idea of using the shell. You make an excellent point that when you burn things in the shell it ruins the colors & integrity of the polish. I suppose I will be purchasing a small cast iron cauldron. I can burn incense or fill it with water for scrying... thanks for helping me decide haha! =]

  4. You are most welcome, Pynk. A cauldron is what I use for resins on a charcoal. For burning sage, I use a soapstone smudge pot. A layer of sand or salt in your vessel will give protection by absorbing some of the heat. - Witch of Stitches