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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Her Sacred Fires!

I gathered my wand, cauldron, Hekate's statue and other paraphernalia, then out the door I went to drive to meet Raven. We would celebrate the Rite of Her Sacred Fires. 

Last year, after my ritual, I went to leave my offerings at the hedge and found a toad in my path, waiting and unafraid. This time, a toad again made an appearance as I walked to the car. She waited for me to take notice and say a few words, then hopped off into the bushes. I thought it was interesting as I haven't seen any toads in a good long while. Then, as I opened the car door, a beautiful teal colored dragonfly flew around my head, tapped the car a few times and then disappeared into the sky. Ah, I said to myself, the magick begins.

And so it did. Raven and I had a lovely ritual at her home. We added an additional working and some divination to our rite, then took our offerings to the crossroads outside her home. A luminous moon lit our way, a gentle breeze stirred the trees to speak; an enchanted and enchanting night . Yes indeed, magick was there.

Hekate of the Three Ways, I invoke You,
Maiden of the Land, the Underworld & the Seas as well,
Chthonia, Enodia, Phosphoros,
Propylaia, Atropaios, Propolos,
Adorned in saffron robes, shining in the Night,
Nocturnal One, Keeper of the Keys, Lady of Torches,
Hekate,  hear me.

~ from Invocation To Hekate by E A Kaufman, copyright 2007 ~

Blessings nine!


  1. Very magickal indeed! I love your hekate statue, I am trying to find one myself.
    Blessings on a wonderful ritual!

  2. I'm envious of you. I so hoped we'd have a clear evening here So I could watch the moon rise. We've had so much rain and clouds this Spring that it feels like I haven't seen the Moon for months. Can one become Moon sick?
    I also wanted to send my Congrats for the newest member of your family.


  3. @Sherry - I think you can find that statue and a smaller one at Sacred Source.

    @Paulette - That moon was beautiful! And thanks for the congrats! XO