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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Ritual Thoughts From the Autumn Equinox

Last night we gathered in our Sacred Temple, a place made Holy by the many rituals and workings done there. In that place, where the Goddesses have been invoked and honored, where the Ancestors and Spirits of nature around us and the Other realms, seen and unseen, have been honored, once again we made that space sacred to honor the turning of the season and welcome the Autumn of the Year, the waning time, the descent of Persephone into the Underworld, the mourning of Demeter, Her Mother, and the guidance and magick of Hekate, the Cosmic Soul.

We traveled into the dark realms, the inner and deep Earth, where healing, nourishment, fear, danger and knowledge of the Mysteries awaited us if we had the courage and abilities to find our way. We descended into that place belonging to our Matron, Mistress of the Three Realms, Queen of all Magicks, Cosmic Soul and, in fact, Dame Fate, Herself. 

She took us for an intense ride, but Her blessings were upon us as we traveled the Ghost Roads in search of ourselves and the path She has laid before us. May we be strong and able to achieve the tasks She sets us. For we are Hekate's daughters, by blood and bone, by spirit and choice, our choice and Hers! So we proclaimed it and so it is, by the waning moon, by the waning year and sealed with our blood!

To all of you, a blessed and happy Autumn Equinox, Harvest Home and Second Harvest. May you know abundance in all that is most important in your lives. Many thanks for visiting me here and allowing me to share my thoughts with you, for sharing your thoughts with me. And may She who is our Mother, always make Herself known to you, may She keep you well as you trod this path we have been given.

Blessings nine!


  1. Autumn blessings to you. Your sacred ritual sounds lovely. Hail Hekate! )O(

  2. Autumn Equinox blessings it sounded wonderful x x

  3. You gathering sounds like it was a wonderful time. Makes me wish to belong to a group such as yours.
    Autumn Blessings on you and yours.

    Blessed Be,