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Friday, October 7, 2011

Inspiring, Good Stuff!

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I saw the link to this video here, which you will probably have to copy and paste:


 - a blog I started reading a short time ago. Ragen, of Dances With Fat, writes about fat acceptance, being healthy at any size, body image issues and... she's a dancer! Read the blog post. it will be good for you, no matter what size you are. Really. You'll likely go back and read her other posts too.

Ragen is SO inspiring, not just for big gals, but for everyone. Now, when I practice my ballet routines, I just think of Ragen and I dance joyously, without feeling self-conscious. I see the beauty of my movement, the lifting of arms and legs, the gentle turns and twists of my flowing, moving body. What a great thing! Now I'm making choices without obsessing, based on what is healthy for me. The need to be thin to be anything worthwhile has disappeared like smoke from a snuffed candle - wisp and away. Now I can take care of myself just because my life is worth it, because I want to care for it without thoughts of becoming an impossible to achieve size. I don't have to be anyone's image of beauty but my own. My mindset seems to have shifted with the reading of her words and the thoughts they provoked. I have cast a spell with Ragen's help.

What is my image of beauty? Someone who is happy, voluptuous, perfectly, pleasingly plump, abundant and beautiful with confidence and self-worth, full and satisfied with herself - myself.

Like Mayal Angelou, I still rise - I rise on my toes, I rise in my thoughts and my whole being... and I will keep on doing so.

Blessings nine!


  1. That was wonderful!!!
    Thank you for sharing this gold nugget.


  2. What a lovely gift you have passed along dear sister...and a wonderful mind set....still we rise. Oma Linda

  3. This is great. Having just read your post I found another one I think you'll love on a parenting blog I follow:


    Hope the link works!

    Ruth x

  4. Ruth, thank you for the link - we all seem to have found something to restore and revive us in this story, don't you think? If the link doesn't work for anyone, just copy and paste - worth reading. And the photo of Tara Lynn!!!! Voluptuous and beautiful!
    Thanks for sharing this. XO

  5. What a wonderful post, W of S! If we don't accept and love ourselves, how can we expect others to?

  6. Indeed, Vicki! Love of self is most important, caring for one self allows us to have a more fulfilling life. XO