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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

October, October

Flying in to say Happy October! Things have been hectic with Rosh Hashanah, preparing charms, stitching, trying to teach myself to play the bowed psaltery, practicing the dulcimer (found a little three string to add to my instruments) and brewing potions. I haven't gotten out of the kitchen much with brisket, matzoh balls and eye of newt. Oh... and I decided to try to organize my desk - my motto - a tidy desk is the sign of an empty mind - so you get the picture.

A few Goddess celebration dates that I will be honoring:

October 4    Leiunium Cereris - a fast to honor Ceres (Roman.) Those who are unable to fast can just honor Her in whatever way feels appropriate.
October 5    Day to Honor the Manes (Blessed Dead) (Roman)
October 6    Purification of the Priestesses of the Oracle - a special cleansing for those who do divination or oracle work.
October  9   Day of Felicitas, Goddess of good fortune, prosperity and peace.
October 10  Day to Honor the Fates
October 11  Meditrinalia - Meditrina is a goddess of good health, longevity and wine - raise a glass to your health and wellbeing!
October 11  Winter Nights, sacred to Freya
October 12  Festival of Fortuna Redux, goddess of successful journeys and safe return.
October 11  Full Moon 10:07 PM EDT
October 26  Dark of the Moon 3:56 PM EDT
October 31  Hallows!
Nov. 1         Feast of Pomona, also known as the Apple Mother, She is goddess of fruit trees and their orchards.

That should keep us busy for a bit!

Blessings nine!


  1. I am a spectacularly good olde bagg witch, thanks every so for asking. This list of celebrations makes me think how fortunate we are to have so many possibilities on our lives. We are very "lucky" duckies and should keep that ever close in our minds and hearts.
    It's good to be busy and feel fulfilled....sounds like your doing and being all that. Oma Linda

  2. I love reading your blog - I am also Pagan, but I can't comment unless I come in as anonymous !!
    Val x

    I thuink you have to alow pop ups thenI can post

  3. We are indeed lucky, Linda! It's a great life!!!

    Val - not sure what the problem is, but keep posting - I appreciate hearing from you and reading your blog.