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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Goddess Remembrances for December!

December 1st is a day to celebrate and honor two goddesses: Athena, the wise one of the Greek pantheon and Pietas, the Roman goddess of virtue and duty.

In honor of Pietas, consider what your duties are; to yourself, family, friends. Your most important duty is always to yourself, If you are not true to and honor yourself, you will never be able to do so for another. Light a candle and some incense as an offering and ask Pietas' blessings that you may fulfill that which is your duty.

Athena is also honored on December 1st, in Her aspect as Pallas Athena. Offer cake, barley cake if possible, rosemary and wine. For me, Athena is very much the weaver - a weaver of women's strength. Call upon her to aid you in standing up for yourself and speaking out for what you need.

On the 3rd, we celebrate Bona Dea, the Good Goddess, mother, nurturer, bestower of blessings. Apples, incense of sweet spices, honeyed, spiced wine make very good offerings. Be sure to give a little something to those less fortunate.

This day is also sacred to Cybele and Rhea, Great Mothers of the Earth. Call upon Them, honor Them with hymns, poetry and prayers. Milk with honey and spices make a lovely libation for Them.

December 7th is the Haloia of Demeter, a bit somber as She mourns the loss of Her Kore, wandering the earth in search of Her daughter. Light candles, offer barley and herbs as well as sweetened wine. Mourn with Her, but remember, as the seasons turn, Kore, the maiden, becomes Persephone, the Queen and Mother of the Dead. She will return to Her Mother in the Spring. Offer prayers and poetry of comfort to Demeter.

And that should keep you busy for a few days - it certainly will for me!

Blessings nine!



  1. Hmmm, that's a lot to do at a very busy time of year!

    Happy December 1st.

    I saw your 'I write like...' link at the bottom of the page and gave it a go. I write like Edgar Alan Poe. What a boost to the ego!

  2. Oh, Edgar Alan Poe - very nice! Yes, I got a boost too since Jane is a very favorite author.
    As for celebrating, one does what one can. Lighting a candle and making an invocation and a prayer can be very satisfying and doesn't take much time. Since I make devotions daily, it is just part of my life, a very important part. Do whatever you can, it all must come from the heart. Another point, not all of us honor ALL goddesses, some are not part of our pantheon. This is meant to give suggestions for what may resonate with you. Trying to cover all bases, so to speak! : )