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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Full Moon Blessings!

Full Moon Blessings to All!!!

Today we have the Full Moon of November.
We call Her Snow Moon, Frost Moon, Fire Moon,
Hunter's Moon, and Full Beaver Moon.

Full Moon Prayer

Mother's Lantern shining so bright,
Harken to my call on this Full Moon night.
Alight my body in the Mother's sight,
And let Her know my heart this night.

Lady, your fertile powers bestow upon me,
That I may healthy, wealthy, and wise ever be!
For You I offer scent and flame,
All honor to You, Blessed Be Your Name!

(copyright E A Kaufman, 2012)

I love a chill in the air while watching the light of the full moon reflect in the lake's dark mirrored surface. As the wind whispers across the water, the reflection of the Mother's Lantern shimmers and dances. I sit at the lake's edge, making my offering, pouring a libation, chanting my invocations and prayers. I watch and listen for messages, some sign, something. When I feel that feverish feeling come over my body, I know I am between the worlds. Sometimes I will make the descent, especially at this time of year, when even in the light of Her Lantern there are dark places... waiting, holding secrets, beckoning. 

Later tonight, after I finish at the lake and hedge, I will go inside and light a fire in the hearth along with Hestia's Lamp. Hestia has come to hold the Witch-Fire for me, a surprise the first time it happened, but a wonderful experience. I always light Her lantern first, and extinguish it last as is the way to honor Her. One night, I heard Hestia say, "Here, I hold the Witch-Fire for you now, make use of it as you do your hearth flame." A very special and good thing.

Once the fires are lit, I will build a new shrine to Hekate. I received a most wonderful gift from a dear friend, for Hallows. I was so incredibly surprised and touched. My new statue was made by Jeff Cullen, see his website here.  She is incredibly beautiful, and was created with special attributes. Within Her statue are herbs and stones; she wears a belt of keys, has a skull, snake, and two hounds at Her feet. This statue is So perfect a depiction, She even has three faces. So... a special new shrine is in order.

When the shrine is finished, I shall draw some cards from The Medicine Woman deck, which I have been working with recently. This deck is telling me stories that I need to hear. I am listening.

May your own rituals be rewarding and bring you connection to your Goddesses. 

Blessings nine!


  1. Glad you are enjoying the Full Moon, my friend. Happy to have you in my life.

  2. Thank you for your thoughts. Love Jeff Cullen link. Beautiful cannot describe what the art gives off. Truly beautiful and enjoy your Hekate.

  3. Thanks, Nims, his work is amazing. I will post photos of Her shortly at the new shrine. XO