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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Hungarian Candle Blessing of Happy Women

Today is the day of the Hungarian Candle Blessing of Happy Women. I am not sure what the exact origin of this blessing day is. It could be related to Candlemas, but I can't find any definitive evidence for that. I originally found it on various Goddess/Feminist calendars some years ago and loved the sound of it. Since I don't follow a Celtic path, Imbolc is not really something I celebrate. My own version is The Stirring of the Seed, the very beginnings of changes in Mother Earth, preparing for Spring, but that is a very different thing.

This Blessing of Happy Women, for me, is a day to honor women and send blessings for their protection and happiness, for all women to know that they are beautiful, worthy of love, and powerful, and that they may be safe in a world that does not always appreciate a women's strength and sacredness.

Very simple - light a candle for yourself and all women, all over the world and say a prayer that we may be happy and protected, raising our power to encompass the whole of our Mother Earth. How beautiful!

Blessings nine!

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