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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Day of Hygeiea

Today is the Day of Hygeiea, the goddess of good physical health and protectress of mental health. She encourages cleanliness, in diet, of the body, and one's environment, as a way to good health. She shares Her healing wisdom with us so that we may heal ourselves and maintain our wellness.

Ancient people went to the temples of Hygeiea and Asklepios, (They were generally worshipped in the same temples) to sleep and receive healing dreams and oracles. These dreams would address their illnesses and assist them in the pursuit of wellness. Sometimes actual healing was received through the dreams.

The daughter or step-daughter of Asklepios, Hygeiea was sister to Panakeia, all cure, and Iaso, remedy. Hygeiea is most often depicted wearing a long, white, flowing robe, holding a serpent and a patera, a medicinal bowl which holds healing herbs and medicines. The serpent, who partakes of the patera's contents, represents secret wisdom and healing.

For honoring Hygeiea and asking Her assistance, gather the following items: a candle that has been dedicated for healing or cleanse and then dress one with your preferred healing oil. Incense - I have found that an incense of amber or lavender is acceptable to Her as an offering, but you may find something else appropriate. Herbs that have especial healing properties, such as oregano, echinacea, chamomile, mints, and burdock etc. are also appropriate offerings as well as fresh fruit and vegetables. Make a tea of chamomile, mint, and a pinch of oregano for drinking during your rite and as a libation.

Clean your home, take a ritual bath or shower, and dress for your rite. Prepare your sacred space. Begin by calling upon Hygeiea, telling Her this rite is performed in Her honor. Light the candle and incense. Bless your offerings then sip some of the tea and recite prayers, poems, speak with Hygeiea in meditation or trance. Let the candle continue to burn and make your offerings and libation at some sacred place when you feel your rite has ended.

A Hymn For Hygeiea

Hygeiea, lovely, wise one,
The Breath of healing,
Keeper of the knowledge of all that heals, 
She who bestows sacred dreams and oracles
to guide us on our path to wellness,
Come, Lady, I ask that you be here with me.
Come to me, Compassionate One, Kind One,
Come in to my dreams and teach me Your secrets,
Give me strength and knowledge to heal myself,
Touch me, that there arises within me Your healing energies,
Bringing good health on all levels of my being.
May I, with Your assistance, live in balance and harmony
with myself, Mother Earth, and all beings.
With this harmony and balance, I am healthy and whole.
All honor and blessings to You, Hygeiea,
 Wise One, Compassionate and Kind One,
Bestower of the wealth that is healing.

(A Hymn For Hygeiea copyright 2013 E A Kaufman)

May Hygeiea's blessings be upon you and yours.

Blessings nine!


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