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Monday, February 25, 2013

Time of the Old Women

A beautiful lady in lace.

Today is the celebration, Time of the Old Women. I believe it is Moroccan in origin. I have celebrated it for many years to honor my own ancestors and relatives of blood, but also all women of a certain age. These women are forgotten, disparaged, and disrespected by most of the world today. However, in the past, the elderly were revered for their wisdom and honored all the time. Even in the Pagan community, where I would expect better, I read and hear such disrespect and nastiness toward older Pagans. This day is very important to help dissipate that negative energy.

Tonight I will sit at my hearth, my ancestor altar decorated with photos of my grandmothers, as well as photos of Doreen Valiente, Sybil Leek, and other long gone women. Also on my altar will be photos of my mother, aunts, and other older women, especially those involved in the craft, that I wish to honor. I will light candles and thank them for their wisdom, bless a plate of goodies as an offering, and bless wine and tea for libations. Prayers and poetry will be recited, but then I will just sit and be with them. I will send out a blessing and healing energy to all elderly women for protection, peace, good health, and happiness. This is a celebration honoring the living and the dead, so honor both.


I will call my mother today and a few elderly friends just to say hello and let them know I am thinking of them, that I love them and am happy to have them in my life. I will also go to the cemetery and visit my mother-in-law's grave. While there, I will walk around and visit the graves of those women I don't know, but would like to say a blessing for. And... I will be sure to smile and say hello to any woman I encounter throughout my day, sending a little blessing to them too. Nor will I forget myself, no spring chicken, but not elderly either! ; )

A busy day and time to get back to it, as well as planning to honor Hygeiea tomorrow - it is Her day on the 26th!

Blessings nine!

My friend, Helen, with her button necklace. She is an avid button collector and 
has taught me so many things, as well as adding to my own button collection!

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