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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Weekly Oracle - Home

4. House
from the Gilded Reverie Lenormand
by Ciro Marchetti

Look closely at this card; it represent that cosy cottage, that embracing, enchanting sanctuary, the home that is a dream deep in our hearts. This is the place we can retreat to and find solace, peace, and contentment. Stability and comfort, family and love; these can be found here... if we allow it.

Not everyone has that sanctuary, for some, home is not comfort and love. But... this card shows us that we can create that place, no matter what size our home, no matter what our income, or where we live. WE create that loving homey place. And this card indicates that this is what we need right now. Something in us, all of us, is calling for a homey sanctuary, where we can retreat from the demanding world, step back and close the door to all that causes stress, to all that drains us. We need that place, we need to relax and restore ourselves.

Perhaps it is just a matter of tidying and rearranging, or surrounding ourselves with the things we love. Animal companions and friends are many times more family than blood family. Perhaps the ritual of afternoon or after-dinner tea or coffee, with a companion or a good book. Watching a favorite sweet movie, working at a our beloved hobby. So be it, make it so. Your imagination is your guide.

Our world, our home, is calling us back, away from that which does not serve us to that which will restore, renew, and let us love ourselves again.

Blessings nine!


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