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Monday, May 11, 2015

Weekly Oracle

Shaman of Reflections
The Shaman Oracle by john Matthews & Wi Kinghan

I am the Shaman of Reflections. I offer you who calls upon me the opportunity
to see beyond your mirror image,  and to recognize within yourself the truths that
you may never have perceived. I challenge those who believe there is only one pathway
to follow. In the mystery of the mirror I show each individual his or her true self.

Look into the mirror and be challenged by what you see; and not just a physical mirror... the mirror of your thoughts, contemplations, situations, your soul. Look into the magick mirror. See deeply and past the everyday image, look into the soul, the heart, the past. What have we hidden that, if brought forward, will assist us on this path we travel, this path that has many branches and byways. That deeply hidden image is where our wisdom, the wisdom we have within us, will be. 

This card is a very clear indication that self-clarification is needed. It is time to acknowledge the truth, accepting reality, and then understanding that the challenges we face are valid ways of moving along our path to understanding ourselves and what we need to accomplish, what we have decided to do... or the tasks the goddesses and gods, ancestors, and/or spirits have set for us. 

I see this as, if you will pardon the language, the no bullshit card. Take a good look at what you are doing, what you think you want to be, to achieve - is it what you really want to go for? Are you  really up to the task? There is no shame in acknowledging that your aren't ready or willing to take on this, that's fine so go on your way to whatever is next for you. But some will be called kicking and screaming, but know it is what must be - do it anyway, you've been called and don't have the choice anyway. It will just keep coming back.

Then there are other things, challenges in the mundane, and these may be your greatest fear, the thing you absolutely don't want to have anything to do with. I am in that position right now, dealing with one of my biggest fears. Despite it being a challenge in the mundane, I know my goddesses are behind it, another test, task, whatever one wishes to call it, placed in my path to rip me apart and hopefully put me back together... wiser than before.

Reflection is many things.

Blessings nine!

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