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Monday, June 6, 2016

Weekly Oracle

from The Gospel of Aradia oracle by Stacy DeMarco

This is Stacy's new oracle deck and I am finding it very interesting not just as an oracle tool, but also in teaching Aradia's stories.

Peacemaking... ultimately it is a choice and comes from within us. We need to rely only upon ourselves in choosing to be peaceful, to make peace with a person or situation. Choosing peace is about accepting, forgiving, going with the flow, deciding what is best for us. Staying angry or holding on to some other negative emotion, does not serve us. I am not saying that you must never be angry or feel a negative emotion. We are human and it is part of our nature to experience a broad range of feelings both positive and negative. Feeling those negative emotions is healthy, holding onto them is not. That initial anger must be released appropriately, by stepping out of it, working it off, letting it go.  Being angry all the time will take its toll on our health on all levels, spiritual, emotional, physical. We forgive to help ourselves, it is not about the other person. There are situations we must walk away from, difficult but not impossible. There is always a way. It is always your choice. Seek the answers. 

Nor can we make peace for others, they must do that themselves. We can bring the energy of peace to others so that it touches them, influences, and possibly assists in healing them, but the choice to be in peace is up to them. Don't get caught up in others' negativity in the name of trying to help. Set your boundaries and keep them.

Surrounding ourselves with, breathing in peace is healing and soothing. Grounding and shielding is an effective practice to keep peace in our lives; it is a basic skill for the witch and priestess. It gives us a stable and strong platform from which to live, work, heal. Being in nature, working with the Elements, connecting to Mother Earth, will assist us in weaving peace into our lives while opening ourselves and allowing its grounding energies in. Then... we can be in peace.

A daily practice of grounding and shielding, bringing in peaceful energies, will sustain us and we will be able to better accomplish the tasks we take on, manifest that which we desire, and stay in a highly spiritual place. 

Blessings nine!

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