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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Weekly Oracle

XI Sacred Fire - White Buffalo Calf Woman
Mythical Goddess Tarot
Sage Holloway - author, Katherine Skaggs - artist

White Buffalo Calf Woman presents Herself as our weekly message. She is the Holy One who teaches us to revere Spirit by honoring our Mother Earth. She is the passionate Sacred Fire and came to us in a pillar of light. White Buffalo Calf Woman carries our prayers and hopes into the Spirit World through the smoke of Her peace pipe and Her medallion of the Four Directions. She brings peace, She brings justice, She brings hope.  

This card, XI, is the Justice card in a standard tarot. Most appropriate and comforting considering what has been going on in our world recently. We truly need justice. But it is more than that too, it is hope, it is fiery energy, it is light in the darkness. You can pray or be part of the many workings for justice. White Buffalo Calf Woman's purifying fire consumes evil until it is nothing but ash and is blown away on the winds. So here, we are given hope, right will be done.

However passionate and intense your prayers and workings are, it is alright, it is just, it is as it should be. Do what you will for you have the abilities to do what is necessary, those abilities give you the responsibility to do that which is required of you. Do not be afraid of the naysayers, do not listen to them. Ultimately, the warriors carry flaming swords, torches, the light in the dark, and become the saviors. Not everyone will agree with this, so be it. Do as you must.

Blessings nine!

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