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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

To Call A Lover

Lucien Lévy-Dhurmer (French 1865 - 1953)

I love to collect spells, analyze them, adapt them. While not really one to encourage manipulative love magick - why would you want someone who doesn't want you without being forced? - I always find these types of spells interesting. They also inspire the kind of love magick that is beneficial, calling the right person for you.

I work in a metaphysical store and have access to many books, some of which come in on consignment. The book, "A Year In The Life Of A Faery Witch," just came in, so I was browsing through it. Interesting little read. Included was the following spell. 

To Call A Lover

When the moon is waxing, in Taurus or Libra, take three pinches
of Dragons' Blood and drop them on either burning coals or a charcoal,
calling your lover's name each time. He or she should appear within 24 hours.

from "A Year In The Life Of A Faery Witch"
by Sage Weston, Capall Bann Books, 2002

Yes, you could call back a lover you have had a disagreement with, you could also change this around and call the perfect lover for you, listing the qualities you desire in a man. 

I've seen many similar spells. Do they work? My husband will tell you, after almost 37 years of marriage, that I bewitched him and continue to do so? Did I? I'm not telling.

Blessings nine!   


  1. Ah, but when your lover lies next to you each night but you sense you are losing them? Perhaps the spell would be good under these circumstances?

  2. Love the part about husband...did you or didnt you???? (:always leave a bit of wonderment)