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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Hekate's Night is November 16

artist: Eric Taco Hurtado

"The Earth began to bellow, trees to dance

And howling dogs in glimmering light advance,
Ere Hekate came."

The Night of Hecate is November 16. If you honor Hekate on no other night, this is the one I would suggest. This is Her night and She is closer to us than on any other.

Hekate is seen in many ways. In ancient Greek myth, She is called a maiden. Medieval and modern times portray Her as a crone. The Goddess Hecate is a goddess of the night, the full and dark moons, crossroads, life and death, transformation and transitions. She is a Keeper of wisdom, the unconscious mind and is considered to be the queen goddess of magic. Hekate holds the keys to the Gates of the Underworld and to all mysteries. Ancient Greeks placed statues of Her at the doorways for protection. For those who honor Her, She will bestow many gifts, including magical abilities and prosperity.

For me, Hekate is ageless; She is maiden, mother and crone, all at the same time. When first drawn to Her, many years ago, I had very few resources from which to study. The only information available to me (no internet at that time) was that of Her aspect as crone; I saw Her as part of the maiden, mother, crone myth. However, it never seemed quite right, other images, those of a younger, stronger goddess came to me. Eventually over years of study, I found the Hekate I knew was the one who called to me, the Hekate of classical Greece, of pre-classical Greece and Asia Minor and as part of the triplet Artemis, Selene and Hekate.

However She presents Herself to you, give honor to Her by sitting in some quiet place, lighting candles, invoking Her and then leaving offerings of any of the following or combination: garlic, eggs, almonds, barley, pomegranate and/or seeds, figs, dates, apples and olives as well as the wood and/or leaves of willow and yew. I also offer dark sweet spices such as cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg. A libation can also made to Hekate. Spiced wine or cider laced with honey should be placed in an offering cup or chalice, placed on the ground and gently tipped over to flow into the earth. The offerings should be placed directly on the ground as well. The offerings and libations can be left at a place you find sacred. A crossroads is an especially powerful place to leave the offerings - any quiet intersection where you can place them safely will do. When you have placed the offerings and made your libation, walk away and do not look back, especially if you have made some petition. This is a very good time to dedicate yourself to Hekate if you are so inclined and have been feeling yourself drawn to Her.

Titles & Other Names:

Chthonian/Khthoniai (Of the Earth/Underworld Goddess)

Propylaia (The One Before the Gates)

Enodia (Of the Paths)

Propolos (The Attendant Who Leads)

Soteira (Savior)

Trivia (Of the Three Roads)

Kleidouchos (Keeper of the Keys)

The Distant One

Queen of Night

Night Mother

Queen of the Ghosts

Queen of the Witches

Mother of Witches

Mistress of Magic

Most Lovely One

Prytania "The Invincible Queen Of The Dead

Nyktipolis Khthonie (Night Wanderer of the Underworld)

Antaia (Sender of Nocturnal Visions)

Brimo (Terrifying, also meaning the crackling of fire)

Tomorrow night will find me at our hearth where my altar is located, lighting candles, making invocations and prayers, then casting myself beyond the hedge into some journey work. I will finish with a little magic. When my workings are complete, I will make my libation and offerings at the hedge circle outside Toadstool Condo.


I invoke You, Beloved Hekate of the Crossroads and the Three Ways.

Saffron-cloaked Goddess of the Heavens, the Underworld and the Sea.

She who guides the souls of the dead, She who lights the Path.

Nightgoing One, Unconquerable Queen, Tauropolos,

Keyholding Mistress, Ruler, Nymph, Maiden.

Come, be present at these, my sacred rites.

(adaptation of the Homeric Hymn to Hekate by EAK)

Hail, mighty Hekate of the Threshold,

Keeper of the Keys to all Mysteries,

Mother of Magic, Mother of Night,

Guide me with Thy luminous light

And make it laden with good things.

Drive from me those things that do not serve my highest good

And when my soul rages about worldly things,

Deliver me purified by Your soul-stirring rituals.

Reveal to me the pathways of divine guidance that I long for,

Then shall I gaze upon Your precious light.

Give me Your hand and when I am weary

Bring me to the haven of Your cave with Your winds.

Hail, many-named Mother, Hekate of the Threshold!

(adapted by EAK from Proclus Diadochus' Hymn VI To Hekate & Janus)

May all of you who take time to celebrate Hekate on Her night, receive Her blessings and magic!

Blessings nine!


  1. this is a great article, could I request permission to prepublish this & more of your blogs on my site www.carlacalamity.ning.com with a credit & link back to you?

  2. Carla, all my work is copyright, I would prefer that you not copy it, but you can certainly give the link. Thanks for respecting my copyright.

  3. I have only recently become involved in sorcery of any sort, and find myself drawn, like a magnet, to Hekate of old. In reading up anything I can on Hekate I have found that she has an affinity with Owls, Snakes, Dogs, Serpents and the number 13... all of which I have been drawn to the whole of my life. Is there any particular ritual for dedicating oneself to Hekate, or should you just do what your instinct tells you too?

    1. yes She and the Other Fierce Goddess's are Demanding and expect the Best and nothing less..In Hunan terms they want Your unfailing Love and Soul..in exchange They will grant You absolutely Fearlessness and Protection on all Levels besides the Earthly Answers to Our Personal Prayers.She Will certainly Destroy Your Enemies Known or Unknown and give You Energy n Strength to Persevere with Your Endeavors Only if They are Acceotable to Her..Choose a Particular Dark of the Moon Night months from now..Begin a Fast or Prepare Your Body n Soul with Strict Vows and Discipline You intend to do as an act of Devotion to Her..whether it's giving up Your favorite foods or watching TV or walking or running 50 miles or anything Meaningful...it's Your Personal agreement with the Goddess..Take a Sacred Purification Bath to Begin at Midnight on the NewMoon..light a Black Candle and keep a Journal of Your Penance to Her..On the sacred Nights of Completion..Read all the Prayers to Her LightMany Candles in Her Honor with Incenses and cook up a Feast to offer Her with Her Favorite Foods n desserts Offer Her Flowers and Jewelery and Perfume You shall wear in Her Honor..Share Food with Your Family Members who love Her and UrPets and also leave food offerings in the Forest or outdoors in Nature for Her.or in a Cemetary.Bones and colors of Black on the Alter.. Do what You can afford and is True in Your Heart..She is the TripleHorned Mother so 3x3 ..Use those Numbers to determine length of Vow according to Your Heath n Her divine Wishes..Make a Sacred Alter to Her..After This Supreme Devotional Vow to Her The Goddess will Deal with You Accordingly and Uniquely.She is the Most Frightening Fierce and Loving Compassionate Mother of all Good Luck and Many Blessings on Your Journey to this Dark Mother.

  4. Your instincts are your best guide. Familiarize your with who She is, read as much as you can - which you are doing - and go from there. She will guide you. Hekate choses whom She will have, that is why you are feeling so drawn, She is calling you.