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Monday, November 16, 2009

Recollections of Hekate's Night

On this, Hekate's night, I began my evening of ritual by preparing the libation for Her; apple cider, Strega Liquor, cinnamon & clove, a splash of very fine olive oil and, unplanned, a bit of my blood. For the offering, a bit of apple cake made yesterday evening, an egg, cloves, barley, olives and mushrooms. I rarely plan the offerings in advance. Oh, I know what is acceptable, but always, I allow intuition to guide my selection. Tonight, I included mushrooms. Why? I cannot say anything other than I felt guided to do so. After preparing myself and washing my hands, I lit the fire in the hearth, candles and incense. I then honored my Lady with recitations of many hymns, prayers and poems. I spoke with Her, blessed the libation and offerings, then made my way outside. The air was cool and the wind gentle but constant. I stood for a bit before greeting the spirits of my land. When I was sure of their attention, I made my way to the hedge circle, walking widdershins as I wished to process towards the deeper realms. Inside the hedge, I made my offering and tipped the cup with my libation while reciting a prayer for this purpose. I stood a while listening, being heard and then began my procession back, deosil. Walking towards Toadstool Condo, I did not look back.

Inside, the fire crackled and the candles flickered. I sat down preparing to journey as the clock struck eleven. I focused upon the fire and candles so that when I closed my eyes, I would be aware of the flickering light which helped me toward trance. I focused only upon the darkness and the occasional flicker of light. My breathing slowed and I lost touch with the room, still aware of the movement of light which was no longer a flicker, but more like a dark mirror with cracks radiating from the center. Next, I was aware that I had begun to swim, undulating, slowly then quickly then slowly again. The water was crystal green and long strands of seaweed danced slowly, touching me softly. I was aware that I was not alone, but could not see anyone or anything else. I continued swimming, aware only of the pleasure of movement, lightness, the quiet.

The clock striking the half hour brought me back to my home rather abruptly. I was once more aware of the fire crackling loudly as if in protest of being forgotten. The light of the candles were still and silent, the scent of the now extinguished incense, lingering. Without thinking I rose from my chair and realized my mistake immediately - dizziness! I got my bearings and then grounded myself, reconnecting deeply with the earth, feeling its pull upon my body. The dizziness passed. After reaffirming my dedication to Her, I asked for Her blessings upon those who are ill and one person that had passed yesterday. I then made my farewells to Hekate.

Incredibly thirsty, I poured myself some ice water and ate a small bit of the apple cake - all to bring me back to the mundane world, giving me further grounding. I felt quiet, peaceful and, once again, filled with gratitude that I had found this path, as my own, among so many.

Blessings nine!


  1. That was very moving thank you, I'm going to add you to my blogroll if I may so that I can come back again. I too work with the Lady Hekate and am an avid Fiber arts freak, so imagine my delight to find somebody else like me.

    Mushrooms are not an uncommon offering for Hekate, especially with her possible Eleusis mysteries :D

    Thanks Again

  2. Oh, how lovely - another Hekate fiber girl!!! Thanks for your comments!