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Friday, November 6, 2009

Unfortunately, Elizabeth...

A silly, but fun and interesting meme to try: go to google.com, type in Unfortunately, (your name) then read what comes up and laugh!

Here are 10 of mine:

Unfortunately, Elizabeth also has some detecting to do, as a dead body is found, and none of the wedding party is above suspicion....

Unfortunately Elizabeth (who looks not unlike Bettie Page) was wearing a very elegant Chinese dress with the absolute last shoes you would want to be wearing if you were going to be walking clear across Rome on New Years Eve.

Unfortunately, Elizabeth's frequent protestations against marriage didn't stop these horny pervs from trying it on with her.

Unfortunately, Elizabeth didn't wait for me to agree or disagree.

Unfortunately, Elizabeth makes a fatal mistake and tries to "fix" her unsuspecting husband.

Unfortunately Elizabeth may have felt compelled to remain a virgin "bartered" bride.

Unfortunately, Elizabeth found out the truth and Maxie was forced to confess everything to Lucky before Elizabeth told him the truth.

Unfortunately, Elizabeth failed to persuade her lover to sign a reciprocal contract, which he kept to himself, unsigned until he died.

Unfortunately, Elizabeth was not eaten.

Unfortunately, Elizabeth is nowhere to be found.

I was utterly fascinated by this little exercise and could have kept gong on and on and on, however, unfortunately for me, Elizabeth, I have a few little errands and chores to attend to before the weekend is upon me. One of which, not unfortunately... I think, is finishing that most unusual novel, Sense & Sensibility & Sea Monsters by Jane Austen & Ben H. Winters. A most peculiar novel that compels one to continue reading as well as write and speak in the manner of Jane Austen - which, I might add, causes Michael, my husband, to give me strange looks whilst walking into the other room mumbling about living with a witch. Well, that in itself is not unusual and he is very used to strange occurrences living with me at Toadstool Condo. In any event, I will then begin Pride & Prejudice & Zombies by Jane Austen & Seth Grahame-Smith. Of course there is stitching to be done, tarot cards to be read, a spell or two to cast and potions to be brewed. Ah well, nothing very out of the ordinary after all! Do have a delightful weekend.

Blessings nine!

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