Webs of Woven Words, Threads, Stitches and Enchantments

Friday, March 26, 2010

Ritual to Honor The Muses

On Wednesday, the 24th, I celebrated and honored The Muses. I burned a sweet incense that I thought would please Them and lit a pure beeswax candle. I recited the new hymn that I wrote, spoke with Them and asked for continuing blessings for my creative work. After some other contemplative work, I took my offerings, an apple, a sweet, small tomato, nine walnut halves, some lavender colored sugar and a chocolate coin along with some mineral water for a libation, out to the hedge. I made my offerings in the usual manner, then walked away without looking back. This was followed with a little more contemplation. Why I chose the items I did for the offerings are a mystery to me. I just go with whatever comes to me lately and this technique seems to be effective and successful. 

As it was late - I had been out stitching that evening - the ritual was not overlong. Even so, it ended with a feeling of complete assurance that my offerings were accepted and my petition heard. Already the creative juices are flowing.

Tomorrow, no school for me - thank goodness as today was a day like no other - I wanted to slit my throat, LOL! I have planned a day of creative endeavors for myself along with a few lovely cups of tea, perhaps a nap and relaxation. The nap and relaxation could go out the window, however, if the Nine grant my petition and those endeavors take off - which I think they will. Just a feeling, but the juices are already brewing.

Just about recovered from what was either food poisoning or a very bad stomach bug. I have been living on boiled eggs and chicken broth. The broth supply has fallen drastically so tomorrow's endeavors will likely be accompanied by the scent of a new batch for the freezer. Of course the freezer is another story I will just skip - very little room, I'll leave it at that. 

And now, off to bed, it's been a long, long day!

Blessings nine!