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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Hallows Everyday 27

Song of the Samhain Goddess

Deep night in the forest,
Deep night on the hill.
The Old Wise One opens her cloak -
Inside, like a snake, coils bitter smoke.
Heaped at her feet, orange pumpkins grin.
The bones of her hand shine through the skin.

Breath of Mystery rides the wind:
Honor me.
Breath of death cold on the back of your neck:
Honor me.
Breath of magic whirls around you:
Honor me.
Breath of endings and beginnings, always new.
Honor me now.

~Cait Johnson~
From Witch in the Kitchen
Magical Cooking for All Seasons

The celebrations have begun. Thursday night I finished the first part of my Hallows celebrations, three nights of honoring and making offerings to Demeter and Persephone. This prepares me for my actual Hallows ritual of communion with the dead and the Underworld goddesses. This weekend, further ritual, and then finally Hallows, itself, the sacred night.

Following Hallows, Pomona's feast day on the 1st, November, and I will, of course, celebrate and honor Her. I am hoping to be able to leave offerings at a friend's avocado grove, which is the closest to an orchard that I can get in my neck of the woods! On the 3rd of November, a Hallows ritual with women friends that I am looking forward to. It is a busy  ritual season this year.

Blessings nine!

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