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Monday, October 8, 2012

Hallows Everyday 8

I love Vintage Halloween goodies, especially advertising. This ad for stockings, appears to be late 1920s or early 1930s - not sure as the bottom of the page is cut off. I have been collecting ephemera for years. Our guest bathroom is decorated with ads in frames, as well as tins, bottles, and boxes for various beauty and health products. Scattered throughout the Toadstool, one can find a great many more vintage advertising and related goods. I have only been able to collect reproductions of vintage Halloween as the prices have been very high for many years, taking them out of my range of affordability.

I will, of course, be wearing black for Hallows, and the days leading up to it. I have a series of three rituals I plan to do this year, as well as a celebration for Pomona on Her day, November 1st. The Hallows rituals will involve a meditative descent to the Underworld, a feast for the dead, and some serious divination about issues that have recently been swirling through my life.

For the Day of Pomona, I will make more apple butter, dry apple skins so I have them for magickal workings, and eat apple goodies. I will also make some offerings of apples at the hedge to Her and the bounty of the season She brings after a ritual of honoring.

Those are my plans. Hope you are all enjoying the season!

Blessings nine!

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