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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Weekly Oracle

Ariadne - Soul Made
Ancient Feminine Wisdom
of Goddesses & Heroines
by Kay Steventon & Brian Clark

Ariadne, she who betrayed her family, according to mythology, to help her lover. He then abandoned her. However, this devastating outcome of her passions brings her to the very edge of a precipice, in fact, renewal. 

When we receive this card, we are in that place, the edge of renewal, being awakened to the truth of ourselves. Is it others who have betrayed us or ourselves? We have all been betrayed, but we need to consider how often we do just the thing we'd really rather not, to please someone else. This is betraying ourselves. We are abandoned by others who force us to do so, and therefore abandon our true selves as well.

Ariadne comes to us as a reminder that betrayal and abandonment strip away the illusions, awaking us to our authentic selves and divine truths. She embodies the soul's journey through the labyrinth of our lives and the arrival at a genuine relationship with ourselves.

Blessings nine!

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