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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Day 5 The Truth

Day 5  Something you hope to do in your life.

This is darn near impossible for me to answer - I have SO many things I hope to do! I can't even begin to narrow it down. My big list - and it really is big - keeps me going, keeps my spirits up, encourages and makes me laugh. One thing it never does is make me feel like I can't or won't do most of it. I'll share a few.

I hope to live past 100, and like Don Corleone in the movie, The Godfather, pass gently in an Adirondack chair in my garden. I hope to have a nice big garden - flowers and food to feed us. Oh... and I want to have bees, just enough for honey in my tea and a little on toast. Of course right now I can't have honey - I have diabetes, but I more than hope to cure that!

I hope to finish that huge reproduction sampler, EK 1653. It's as long as I am tall, mostly double running stitch and so far, reversible. It used to be important that the whole thing be reversible, but with Laura Standish waiting, I've decided to just do the best I can. Most of my double running stitches are reversible so I'm not worried. I hope to finish Laura Standish as well, along with a few thousand other designs. Yes!!! Thousands!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I hope to totally release the need to be in control - I'm doing well, working at this over the past two years, but I still have a few issues to go. I hope to be known as kind and generous. I hope to always have the kind of love in my life that I have now and that all those I love know I really do love them to bits.

Oh... and I hope that when I finally leave this earth, those who know me and are still here will say, gee, I'm going to miss her, she was a lot of fun. I hope that those who went before me and are waiting on the other side say, get ready, she's here!!!!!!!

Blessings nine!


  1. Great aspirations all. This is such a great way to find out about one another on a deeper level. Thanks for sharing you. The Olde Bagg, Linda

  2. ya know my olde brain that goes with the olde bagg is showing when I forget to do what I intended to do....huh?
    Just posted a new award and I have because of your loveliness included you. Please do not feel like you have to "play", just know I think you are special. The Olde Bagg

  3. So many things to do -- you'll need that long life!