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Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving, Catching Up With the Truth & Some Stitching!

Well, back to business here, I need to get caught up on my Thirty Days of Truth. But before I do that, I have a few words to say about Thanksgiving. It seems there are folks among us who think we shouldn't celebrate such a day - Angelina Jolie, being the most famous, she thinks it's a day of murder. Even in the Pagan community there are many who believe that because the people who came here hundreds of years ago were invaders (I thought they were looking for freedom) we shouldn't celebrate this day. There are others who say that because of what was done to the indigenous American Indians, we shouldn't celebrate. Well, folks, I celebrate Thanksgiving because I am grateful to live in this wonderful country, I am grateful for all I have, my wonderful life and all the people who love me and are part of that life. I can't undo what was done hundreds of years ago - hell, my people weren't even in this country, but that is neither here nor there. No one alive now did any of what happened then. Yes, you have the right to speak out, voice your opinion and  there is still prejudice and horror in the world; yes, we should certainly work for peace and healing, but if you have a problem with a day of giving thanks, too bad, we need that day of thanks, we need our holidays. Celebration is good for us all, it's a day to be thankful people! Focus on the good, the generosity of our country and its people and put away your politics for at least of day. Make blessings and give thanks instead of spreading negativity, criticism and, yes, grumpiness! As for Angelina Jolie - that girl can just stay in France as far as I'm concerned, although she ought to consider that she should be thankful that she has the right to say what she feels, at least in America! OK, rant over.

I spent Thanksgiving with my husband's cousin and his wife and Aunt at Mizner Country Club in Delray Beach. Magnificent buffet, very traditional, turkey and all the fixings as well as prime rib and fish. The dessert table was also fabulous and the company, of course, was wonderful. We had a great day. I really love my husband's Aunt Harriet, she's a darling. I did miss cooking though, even as much work as it is.

On to my thirty days, for which I am also thankful because it has been such a healing, searching process!!! I am going to catch up with a few here today - rather easy ones.

12.  Something you never seem to get compliments about.

I can't answer this. Everything I've ever thought I ought to be complimented on - and those I never thought to be - I am. I don't think about not receiving compliments, to be honest. A compliment is a gift, I take them as they come and if they don't, well, it doesn't occur to me to give it a second thought. The other issue might be that, for me, I have an abundance of self-worth -  most of the time, so don't worry about this. I honestly can't think of anything.

13. A band or artist that has gotten you through touch times.

Oh, easy peasey!!! Carly Simon, hands down! That lady has seen me through it all, I adore her and her music. I've been listening to her music since she started out, when I was a teenager. I've been singing and playing her music on guitar for years. I well remember sitting on the grass on our front lawn, friends gathered around me, all of us with our guitars, singing her music. I have an old book of her music with lots of her family photos from the 70s that is just falling apart, held together with a rubber band!  My wedding song was Forever My Love. I can't tell you how often she's gotten me through tough times - and... good times too.

14. A hero that has let you down.

I don't know that she was a hero really, but Anne Sexton's poetry was very inspiring to me as a poet myself. I learned a great deal from her work. Then... she committed suicide and I just couldn't believe it. How I felt she wasted her talent and betrayed me! Of course, I was very young then, I didn't understand mental illness, nor were some of the things she did known then. Now, of course, I have compassion for such a tormented woman. Of course, I didn't have to grow up with her in my home, still, I regret her loss

15. Someone or something you couldn't live without.

Again, easy peasey  - my husband, I love him madly, and my freedom.

16. Someone or something you could definitely live without.

Again, easy - negativity in the world. What's the problem with live and let live? I'm going to leave it at that because otherwise, I'll be here all night!!!

OK, that's that for now. The next one, a book that changed my view about something, is going to be tough; so many books have inspired, gifted me with wisdom and provoked thought .

And now for some needlework!!! Over the past week and a half I've finished stitching two little ornament and very pretty they are, if I do say so myself! I also had finished a little witch stitch over the summer which I hadn't posted, so here they all are!

This one is from, I believe, Raise The Roof designs, although I left off the right side which said, Screech and  you screech alone. There was a major meeting about this, LOL, and it was decided that it was a more positive message without the other side!!!

This little beauty is from the December, 2010 issue of The Gift of Stitching e-zine, a really terrific stitching magazine (www.thegiftofstitching.com) which you should take a look at if you stitch and haven't seen it. I ADORE blackwork and just fell in love with this. I thought this design would look wonderful on this new linen, called Cognac, which I found at my LNS, Cross Stitch Cupboard in Fort Lauderdale. Those women who work there really know how to twist arms, LOL, I was looking for some orange linen for a Halloween ornament (from the September/October 2010 issue of Just CrossStitch) which they also managed to find, but I couldn't live without this - the photo doesn't do the color justice. I see more blackwork designs on this linen even if it isn't traditional!

Now, this little ornament is from the 2010 Christmas Ornament issue of Just CrossStitch, designed by Louise Henderson of Cherished Stitches, my favorite design of all in this issue. I have to stitch it together this weekend so it will be ready for my Solstice tree!

Oh... and speaking of blackwork, I follow a blog, http://practicalblackwork.blogspot.com, where I discovered at her website, www.practicalblackwork.com that she has released ten designs called Small Fancies - I AM beside myself!!!!!!!!!!!! They are gorgeous and this is what I will be stitching this weekend. I was given permission to share her photo of the smalls from the website so you can take a look. Gorgeous! I will have my own basket of smalls soon too!

Here are some photos of my stitching basket, which was made by someone whose name I can't remember. A few of us went to a stitching retreat, I think in the late 80s, in Gainesville, Florida at Sally Cresswell's shop, where these were being sold, minus all the buttons, ribbons, pins, etc. The embellishment work is all mine, mostly done the year I purchased the basket, but updated every so often as a new button or pin is found, over the years. The little crazy quilt block was made by my friend, Zoritza, an incredibly talented seamstress, quilter, beader - you name it. She had a fabric store in Miami for many years, where I learned to sew and gained a lifelong friend whom I love dearly. She is 80 now and partially blind from her diabetes, yet she still sews her quilts. This basket is one of those things I receive many compliments on and, believe it or not, I have to be very careful with it - it is coveted by many, LOL!!! 

So there I am, all caught up! This weekend will be spent stitching, reading and decorating the Toadstool for the Solstice!!! I hope your Thanksgiving was as wonderful as mine.

Blessings nine!


  1. Wow, you did get caught up. Yay for you and us too. First well said on the Thanksgiving celebration. As you said we are blessed to be able to celebrate....period. Why does it all have to have politics in it to muck it up? Not me, I am a grateful kinda chick.
    Second, your buffet sounds fabu. I'm with you though I love to cook. Ours was...as the little bear said....just right.
    Your almost caught up to me on the 30 days....
    And lastly, wow, you really have such a wonderful display and collection of stictched wonders. They are lovely. Are you going to post a photo of your solstice tree? I'd love to see it. Happy weekend, The Olde Bagg, Linda

  2. Im enjoying your 30 days of truth
    rachel x

  3. Hi and Thankyou for sending me the book list, As I am still learning about all the different groups, I haven't chosen anything specific. I lean toward the Green Witch, HedgeWitching ways. I also find myself leaning toward the Greek Goddesses Artemis, Selene and particularly Hekate.
    I too am a voracious reader, when I was in High School I read all I could find on Greek and Roman Mythology. Searching for the correct pantheon for me I started reading Celtic Mythology since I have some Irish and English in my background but I kept finding myself returning to the Greek Goddesses.
    Thanks again and I love reading your blog.
    I have a fiber artist blog :
    I'd love for you to stop by and see what I do Paulette

  4. @Linda - I think I pissed a couple of people off about the Thanksgiving issue, but I call 'em as I see 'em and I feel strongly about this. Yeah, caught up with you and thinking about a book - "a" book - sheesh! Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving, may every day be as nice! XO
    @raewytch - thank you! XO
    @Paulette - you are most welcome. I understand about the pantheon thing, I wanted the Romans, but my goddesses had other ideas! Go with it. Your blog is great, BTW, I love your work. I am now a follower!!! XO

  5. Lovely stitching, and lovely thoughts about Thanksgiving - am glad yours was blessed.
    Hope you'll send photos when you stitch the Small Fancies - am excited to start a "gallery" page at PB, now that I've caught up to myself on getting the present patterns ready to print!
    Happy Stitching,
    Liadain at practicalblackwork.com

  6. Liadain - LOVE these designs and am working on the acorns. XO

  7. Got to admit I went a little mad with acorns... :-) but they're so 'embroider-able"!

  8. To be honest, I don't believe one can go mad with acorns, LOL, I agree they are very embroider-able. There's something about them, I love to include them in everything - bowls around the house, a little acorn stitched here and there. Need I say more?

  9. I love the cackling witch one! It looks like Hazel the witch from Loony Toons.

  10. Yes, she does look like Hazel. I'm glad you like her, I enjoyed stitching her very much.