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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Favorite Magickal Stones for Winter

Citrine geode from Nature's Emporium in Coral Springs, Fl.

We've turned back the clocks and Hallows Eve has passed, here now we welcome the winter of the year. November begins a time of introspection, journeying within and remembering. While all the preparations for the holidays begin, it is important to take time for one's self, not only to rest and restore on a physical level, but especially on spiritual and emotional levels. The energies of this season, Winter, help us journey down deep into ourselves to remember and find answers.

When journeying, I like to either hold stones in my hands or enclose myself in a stone grid. Pocket or palm sized stones work very well for this. Stones can be held in the hands while sitting in a comfortable, cozy chair or lying down in soothing surroundings. Placing stones in a circle, at four points (head, feet, right hand and left) or even in a triangular pattern  (head, side of left foot and side of right foot) around you, works very well for making an energetic boundary that focuses energies, intention and also protects. There are many ways to surround yourself with stones, use your imagination.

As a certified crystal healer and Reiki Master, I use various crystals and stones in my healing practice. While there are many stones to choose from, I have found, over the years, that many people are drawn to a select few. It is not necessary to have every stone. Even a stone from one's yard or garden, from a place in nature, can have powerful energies. Listen to hear the spirit of the stone. 

Here is a bit of information about three favorite stones I like to use for my personal healing work. 

The first is quartz crystal, either points or smooth polished pocket stones. The points are great for directing energy, but the polished stones, especially when used in a circle or four points grid, make a gently swirling, encompassing energy vortex. Crystal quartz is an energy amplifier and willingly programable, but it is also a stone of memory, helping us to "remember" on a spiritual level. In meditation it can enhance one's journeying experience by bringing back to us details and information long forgotten from other lives, dreams and spiritual encounters. One can also gaze into the crystal for divination.

Citrine can assist in opening the third eye and clearing heavy, burdensome energies, making it a perfect helper stone for journeying work. It works to open the way to clearly seeing and accepting information in a positive light, as a mother energy gently guiding. The beautiful citrine is also a stone of manifestation, helping us bring thoughts and desires to fruition. It surrounds one with a golden, healing, positive energy. Magickally, it is a stone for prosperity, all that golden energy, drawing good things, drawing abundance. It is also extremely protective.

Selenite is another stone helper that assists in opening the third eye. It also opens the crown and soul chakras as well, making it a good companion for journey and meditative work. Selenite is perfect for reinforcing energy grids, an amazing stone to be surrounded by. It can assist in clearing the blockages that keep us from "remembering" and moving forward with the information received from spiritual realms. It enhances our inner vision allowing us access to past lives and assisting during divination. I keep pieces of selenite with each of my divination tools.  Placing two selenite points at one's front door re-enforces protective energies in the home. Gridding with selenite forms a profoundly powerful circle when practicing the artes of the witch or healer. 

These are just three of the many stones that can assist one, on all levels and in many ways. Each stone has a spirit within, just as we do, as plants, animals, all beings do. Does this sound too new agey? Perhaps, but, as I have found, it is very true. Those plants, stones, animals, they are waiting for us to make contact and connection.

Amethyst from Nature's Emporium in Coral Springs, Fl.
Blessings nine!


  1. I have always been partial or drawn to citrine, amethyst and ametrine. Thanks for the insight on citrine. I have a trivial pursuit brain....I store bits of this and that constantly. I hope you have a lovely Turkey Day. The Olde Bagg, Linda

  2. We have that trivial pursuit brain thing in common, LOL!!! Probably why we blog.
    Have a wonderful holiday with lots of love! XO

  3. Merry Meet, I stumbled upon your blog and I've enjoyed reading your thoughts and comments. As a new follwer of the craft I was wondering if you would recommend some good foundation books. I have some of Silver Ravenwolf's books plus the Green Witch book.
    I too am a mixed media fiber artist working on a series of God and Goddess dolls accompanied with mixed media paintings.
    Thanks and Blessed Be

  4. Hi Paulette, thanks for reading my blog. I am a Dianic/Feminist witch - which means my practice is Goddess oriented. I will email you a list of my recommended books, but be aware, they are not standard Wicca.
    I would love to see the dolls when finished - sounds wonderful!

  5. I saw your lovely comment on Magnolia Pearl's site regarding patchwork people and had to come check you out. Great blog, I will be back.

  6. I am also attracted to quartz crystals. My favorite (at any time of the year) is manifestation quartz. I find that my manifestation quartz crystals facilitate artistic creativity and creative thinking. The one thing I have noticed is that in order to use manifestation quartz to its fullest potential, one must clear any feelings of ambivalence or inner turmoil.
    Thank you for your post; I think I will try selenite next. :)