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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Day 9 The Truth

Day 9 Someone you didn't want to let go but who drifted.

I might have to take a day or two break from this challenge; it sure has stirred my cauldron. So much thinking, contemplating. But the feedback I've gotten, here and privately, has been rewarding and helpful. And... I've really connected to some of the women participating in this - don't really know them, but they don't seem like strangers anymore. But onward as the witching hour approaches.

I think we all have people who come in to our lives for a time and then drift away, it's just meant to be. I have one friend, we were very close for many years, but she and her husband moved away about, oh, almost 18 years ago - can it be that long??? He has since passed away. Actually, we were a foursome, two couples separated by a good many years, but so close, with so much in common.  We still keep in touch and even visit occasionally, but we don't talk the way we used to, although we do have good, long conversations when we do speak. And when we visit, well it's as if time hasn't even passed by. Of course it has, we are both much older - she is elderly now, but still sharp as a tack and a tongue like a whip - ah, that's where I get it from! I still learn from her and I love her very much. I wish we weren't so far apart. Think I'll give her a call tomorrow.

Apropos of this post, I found this quote at 

"The secret to life is to enjoy the passage of time."

What choice is there really if one wants to be happy?

Blessings nine! 


  1. Beauty post. I too have had to take a break. Actually what I did was just type out my answers to 5 - 7 questions at a time and so now I don't have it to do everyday. I know I am a cheater. But it was getting to be something I was dreading having to face so for a couple of nights I just did it.
    I bet your friend will be happy that you gave her a call. Thanks for your sharings. The Olde Bagg

  2. Hello -- thanks for joining me at Folkways Notebook. You have an intriguing blog. Your recent post about long time friendship presents some good points. I know this is a familiar quote but your post reminds me of it; make new friends but keep the old, one is silver and the other is gold. Will be checking back to read your interesting posts -- barbara

  3. Linda - how can you be cheating? You're doing the work!

    Barbara - I am familiar with that quote, thanks for reminding me. I actually stitched it for this friend! Thanks for reading. I like your blog very much, very interesting.

  4. that is exactly why I decided to my posts weekly... the questions seem to stir alot of thinking and reflecting on ones self.

    wonderful post...

  5. Thanks Mother Moon. LOTS of thinking and reflecting!!!