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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Day 11 The Truth

11. Something people seem to compliment me the most on.

This is an easy one to help me gently step back into Thirty Days of Truth. I felt a little like I'd been through the wringer dredging up all that stuff! It did me a lot of good though, I have to admit. I needed a few days off from the blog entirely - so I haven't posted any photos yet of the current needlework finishes or my Hekate's Night ritual. I'm buzzing around the house this week with pre-holiday cleaning AND I'll be working one day a week at my friend's metaphysical shop now!!! That's a dream come true, I'll be right in my element as she already introduces me as the resident witch!

OK, on to the thirty!!!

I get many compliments about two things, actually, my hair- which is very long, past my waist, and my eyes, which are green. This is a photo from a few months ago while I attended beauty school and had two little blond streaks put in - very witchy! But I've since done away with them because the bleach was taking a toll. My hair is very fine, in fact baby fine - my husband calls it angel hair - and  is rather delicate. When I get my bangs trimmed or just a general trim, I don't let anyone other than myself shampoo my hair, I do it at home and arrive at the salon with damp hair. I do wear it pinned up a great deal, but when it is down, people tell me how lovely it is all the time, in the grocery store, in the book store, etc. The only thing I don't like is when strange men (and occasionally a few women)  actually touch my hair, telling me how soft it is - a little creepy and I can't imagine why people think it is OK to touch a stranger in such a way. Yes, I am well aware of what my hair feels like, thank you. I'm a fat gal in her mid fifties, for goodness sake, you'd think that would put them off a bit! Ah well, the magick of hair! 

I worked for an ophthalmologist for almost 16 years and when colored contact lenses became available, yes, many years ago, people would point at me and say, I want the color of HER eyes. Of course, Dr. S would shake his head and smile, apologizing and telling them my eye color was real! My husband always looks into my eyes and tells me how beautiful they are. In fact, perfect strangers tell me how lovely they think my eyes are. Now that is not creepy, it is very nice! No boundaries violated!!!

So there is my day eleven - much easier than past posts! And hopefully, I will have a couple of photos of very nice needlework finishes to share, including two ornaments for the Solstice tree. However, for now, back to scrubbing, dusting, fluffy, smudging, sprinkling of herbs & such and other general cleaning mayhem!!!

Blessings nine!


  1. look at your gorgeous self. I love your long hair and I have always been partial to folks with green eyes, having given birth to one. As you have no doubt noted, I had to back off from the 30 days of Truth after day 20 and give myself some space. Be good to you, The Olde Bagg

  2. Ah, I'm truly jealous of your hair. :) And green eyes are GORGEOUS....I wish mine were, to compliment this (TOTALLY natural red hair...*snicker*) of mine.

  3. I am a Witch of Wye (WOW) - we live on Wye Mt. I love green eyes -- have always wanted them - but mine are blue. Most of my compliments are on my skin and my silver hair.

  4. Blue eyes and silver hair - very pretty! I have been waiting for silver hair, so far, only a few threads - more threads than last year though, LOL!

  5. I guess I am coming in the middle of this 30 day exercise. It is interesting from the part I read about it. Will be following you as you write about the process. I'll get the hang of it then -- barbara

  6. It really is an exercise in finding more about yourself. Some of the questions are touch - if one is honest with oneself. Some of it is difficult, some not so bad. I recommend it.