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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Hallows Everyday - 22

Prayers For the Autumn Evening

(light a candle)
Candle brightening, flame's own flower,
harbinger of daylight's ebb;
Light the pathway to the bower - 
find the way to spirit's web.

(after your evening ablutions)
I cast off the garments of today
and ask my Goddesses to bless me
with healing, nourishing, restorative rest
as I sleep this night. *

 (before going to bed)
I quieten my soul with the chimes of the silver branch:
great gladness in my heart, no sadness in my mind,
rich rest within my soul.
May these three clear notes, gifts of the Goddesses, *
resound through all beings,
bringing peace and rest at this Autumn day's end.* 
(extinguish your candle)

Vessel of Healing, Cup of Transformation,
I am but a drop of your draught
as I sink down to sweet sleep.*

prayers from
Celtic Devotional, Daily Prayers and Blessings
by Caitlin Matthews
Blessings dark and deep!

* a few adaptions were made to these prayers to reflect my own practice.

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