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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Hallows Everyday - 20

7 - Steampunk Priestess
Divine Circus Oracle by Alana Fairchild
Artwork: Miss Red by Monique Tulp

They eye of love in my heart
and the eye of light in my head
show me the truths most helpful for me to see
at the perfect time and in the perfect way.
I feel relaxed and comfortable,
trusting in what I see, when I see it.

At this season, with the veil between the worlds so thin, we sometimes cannot believe what we may see or what our own intuition tells us is true, for whatever reason. This card, the Steampunk Priestess, tells us there is more than what meets the eye, be it contact from the other side, or something hidden in a person or situation.

What is needed here is trust, trust in ourselves and our own intuition, trust in our guides and guardians, trust in the Ancestors. A deep and closer look to understand and discern what is happening, what we perceive, even when we have doubt or it seems so fantastical. Trust what you already perceive, even when we see, on the surface, that our intuition is at odds with what is before us in the mundane world. We need to trust our insight no matter how strange or startling it may be. No matter how confusing, all will come into right focus and we will easily understand. 

Healing: To help us take the wisdom offered, the following technique will assist to clear obstacles while putting true guidance into place.

We will place our dominant hand (the one we write with) over our hearts and place our non-dominant hands at the third eye. We then will close our eyes, relax and take a few breaths. When ready,  we will open our eyes and say the following:

My intention is clear, I see all I need to see.
I free myself in heart and mind,
to look beyond the surface of things,
to witness the deeper reality.

When ready, we relax and come back to the present. If there is something in particular we need clarification about, or we just would like to receive a message, this is a good time. We make our intention clear: 

The unconditionally loving heart of my eye
shows me the truth in the matter of _____________ .
I receive the insights I need for understanding and resolution.
In the name of the Mother of All, so mote it be. *

 Now we gaze at the oracle card above and allow ourselves to relax. We focus gently on the circle at the Priestess's third eye, between and just above the frames of her spectacles. We feel, visualize, imagine that it becomes a beam of light that is sent to our own third eye. We strongly, but gently feel a circular light shining in our heads. That light feels cool and clear, open and bright, but relaxing too.

Now we trust in the insights that come to us, we allow them to drift across our intuitive vision, even when they simply come into our minds, seemingly from nowhere. We trust what we see.

Blessings dark and deep!

* I adapted this line of Alana's affirmation to be more in tune with my spiritual path with the goddess. Here is Alana's original sentence which you may use if this feels right for you: 
"According to divine grace and divine timing, so be it." 

  Divine Circus Oracle
by Alana Fairchild

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