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Monday, October 10, 2016

Hallows Everyday - 10

Cauldron, Synergy and Healing
The Halloween Oracle by Stacey DeMarco

The cauldron, the womb of the goddess, the vessel of transformation, the symbol of the witch. There is something about a cauldron that draws us close, inspiring us to peer within. What brews there? What magick is in the making?

Just as we add a variety of ingredients into the cauldron to make a potion or brew, different techniques combined in a way that blends well, will assist us in celebrating Hallows/Samhain, developing a fulfilling practice for our devotional, magickal, and healing work. There is no need to choose just one way. Try all sorts of workings, keeping those that resonate, discarding those that don't. If your practice has become stale, this is a clear indication to add something new. Go ahead, try whatever calls. All of this blending and working with new or different energies will bring the best result.

At this season, we are heading into the deeper realms, into our darker selves. We are also choosing the seeds to bless and bury so they may open and come into being later on. Those seeds need a soft, rich healing medium that doesn't restrain, but allows movement, flow, spreading of roots and sprouts.

There is nothing you cannot try, no path you shouldn't walk down to see what is there. Let go, release anything that binds you, follow your spirit, your curiosity. Go freely where you are inspired to go, because you can always return. When you return you will be wiser and free.

Blessings dark and deep!

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