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Friday, October 14, 2016

Hallows Everyday - 14

Ten of Keys
The Hekate Tarot, A Tool of Transformation
by T. Bebout & H. Ezerins

This card, from the Hekate Tarot, is the "Know Thyself" card, the Ten of Keys. At this time of year, we make the descent within, we strive for introspection, withdrawing into ourselves, and begin a period of spiritual and physical reflection. This card represents the mirror, truth, and oracular work; again, all appropriate for the season.

As much as it is a time for this reflection, many of us will avoid it. It is not easy to know and acknowledge our true selves. Who are we really?  When we catch a glimpse, sometimes it is uncomfortable, but that discomfort will pass, we can release the judgement. We need to unlock the doors that block that release, hold tight those secrets. And we must remember, whatever else there is, there is beauty, love, deep peace.

This is the time to seek the Goddess within us, for She is always there,  residing with us. See the tender and sometimes frustrated beauty of the Inner Child. Look and see the Mature Mother, She who knows all things and nurtures us, even when we don't believe we are capable of receiving that nurturing. Acknowledge the wisdom and beauty of the Wise Old Crone, the Grandmother who will teach us all we need to know and how to get on with the business of life and our spiritual paths. Look deeper still and find the inner wild spirit self and allow her the freedom to dance, sing, create, love. Merge with them all and BE, with full awareness and knowing. Know thyself, indeed.

Mirror Work: This card encourages us to physically stare into a mirror and see who we are. Similar to mirror gazing for divination, a soft light, some incense such as Dragon's Blood, and a large mirror, full length, if possible. Remove your clothing and stand naked before the mirror. Stare into your own eyes with the intention to see who you truly are in this life, the here and now. Emotions will surface, let them come, feel them; release them without judgement and with love. Ask, "Who am I, who is my true self?" 

This would be a good practice throughout the season, Autumn, Winter, the time of going deep within. Try this once a week or more if you can, and certainly on Hallows. May you find your true self and love her.

Blessings dark and deep! 

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