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Friday, October 21, 2016

Hallows Everyday - 21

Prayers For the Autumn Morning 

Upon Rising

I kindle my soul from the Autumn sunlight,
(light a candle)
glow of life, glow of light, glow of love,
be upon my being, my heart, and my soul
this Autumn day,
from break of light, till fall of night.

(choose a small pocket stone from your collection to carry on this day)
From the treasury of  my soul I draw forth,
gem of light, gem of life, gem of love
to preserve my soul from to darkness,
On this Autumn day.

Before Leaving You Home In the Morning

I mantle myself in the covering of creatures:
stillness of owl, perception of eagle,
humility of wren, speed of horse,
strength of bear, courtesy of deer, repose of serpent,
silence of mouse, courage of salmon.
Nine creatures about me to clothe and protect me, 
on the ways that I walk.

(extinguish the candle, place the stone in a pouch 
and tuck into your bra, over your heart)

prayers from 
Celtic Devotional, Daily Prayers and Blessings
by Caitlin Matthews

Blessings dark and deep!

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