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Friday, October 18, 2013

Hallows Everyday 18

There are a lot of Halloween traditions that involve finding out who one's true love will be. Romance is not just for Valentine's Day! In the north of England, Halloween is known as Nut-Crack Night. Nuts, harvested at this time of year, have long been a tool for divination where love is concerned.

For the woman who has several men to choose from, this method will help her find out who is her perfect mate. A hazelnut is chosen for each suitor and tossed into a fire. If one bursts, it indicates that this man will be unfaithful. One that roasts slowly and burns quietly to ash indicates a lover who will be faithful, steady, and true. One that crackles and pops indicates one who is untrustworthy and will be demanding.

Chestnuts can also be used to determine how the course of a romance will proceed. Place two nuts, representing the couple, into the fire. If they burn without incident, this indicates a happy union. Should one or the other burst, the union will likely be a rough one, or will end without marriage. Nuts that remain apart from each other indicate separation or divorce. If one nut bursts out of the fire, the lover will be unfaithful or desert his/her mate. Chestnuts that burn black foreshadow poverty and loneliness, while those that blaze up foretell prosperity and a happy life.

Blessings nine!

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