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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Hallows Everyday 27

Photo credit: Chris Veverka

Samhain Broom Blessing

Hand to hand, blood to blood, bone to bone,
We gather around this sacred home.
One by one we link our brooms
As we circle during the Waning Moon.
Besom, Besom, blessed be with protection and prosperity.
On Samhain Night we sweep away
the old and bring in the New Year.
A Witch's tool for circle and home,
hang upright at your door.
This spell will keep your threshold safe
as long as it hangs in its place.
And so we will it, so mote it be.

copyright 2002 Betty Banos Prat

Tonight I took one of my apprentices to a ritual with very experienced witches, and we honored the Ancestors for Samhain. This was a group of witches I have known for many years, all experienced, and some brought family members so it was a rather informal, but moving rite. This is not how I generally work my rites, but it seemed perfect for this evening. We created a beautiful ancestor altar, honored and made offerings to those now passed on, and made a little magick.

My friend, and facilitator of this ritual, Betty, created the Samhain Broom Blessing rite some years ago; she gave her consent to share it here. We each brought a new cinnamon broom along with the old one that had been blessed last year. The old brooms were burned in a fire and the new ones blessed with the above prayer. These new brooms, like the old ones last year, will hang near or on our doors to bring prosperity and protection in the coming year.

I had a lovely night and am off into the arms of Morpheus as I have a ritual of my own to finish tomorrow for the coming week's Hallows Rites with apprentices and witch friends. 

Blessings nine!


  1. Great Post thank you.
    Thought you might like my machinima animation Samhain Song,
    a celebration of this magical pagan festival
    Bright Blessings By Star & Stone ~

  2. Elf!!!! What a fabulous poem and video! I'm going to embed it here if you don't mind, for tomorrow's post. I love it. And thank you!. Blessings dark and deep.