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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Hallows Everyday 29

Yesterday I did not want to post Hallows Everyday. I learned that Layne Redmond had passed and I wanted to pay tribute to her instead. It occurs to me that since Hallows is about honoring the dead, I did, indeed, do that.

Layne, it seemed from what I read, spent her last months doing what she loved, working on the revision of her book, When The Drummers Were Women. In a video I saw of her, she appeared to be happy, almost joyous. I didn't know her personally, only from her writings, Facebook, and especially, her music. I know she was with people who loved her and took care of her. Really, I thought she would just go on. Instead, at this sacred time, she left. If one can choose, this seems the perfect time.

We are in the Autumn of the year, the quiet time when all that dies lays to rest. So the dead sleep, but come spring, all that dies will be reborn, and in that we, the living, can take comfort.

Samhain Evening Prayer

Lady, You are Prophetess and Queen.
The Final Harvest has been met;
the land lies sleeping, expectant.
In the Winter stillness
You will conceive tomorrow's hope.
Receptive and quiescent, 
Your dream unfolds as a counterpoint
to the Dark Night that will enshroud us all.
Life and Death are balanced.
Endings and beginnings are wrought.
Your blessing weaves all into a holy tapestry,
complete and irrevocable.

by Galen Gillotte,
from Book of Hours, Prayers To The Goddess

Blessings dark and deep.

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