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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Hallows Everyday 9

Thirteen Witches
By Connie Jasper

Thirteen Witches made a wish,
Placing candles on a dish,
Then they lit each with a flame,
Thirteen candles burned the same.
As they flickered all night long,
Thirteen Witches sang a song.
They danced around, calling out,
"Thirteen wishes come about!
To the Moon, and to the Sun,
To the Stars, and everyone.
To the mountains, to the sea,
Thirteen wishes all have we.
Thirteen candles melt away,
As we make a wish today.
Thirteen times we sing our plea,
This is our will, make it be!"
The flames burned high, then burned low.
The flames burned fast, then burned slow.
All the candles cast a glow,
Fire made the hot wax flow.
Through the night the candles blazed
With the magic that was raised,
Thirteen candles on a dish
Thirteen Witches made a wish...

Blessings nine!

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