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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Happy October!

The Veil Is Getting Thinner

As I went out walking this fall afternoon,
I heard a whisper whispering.
I heard a whisper whispering,
Upon this fine fall day...

As I went out walking this fall afternoon,
I heard a laugh a' laughing.
I heard a laugh a' laughing
Upon this fine fall day.

I heard this whisper and I wondered,
I heard this laugh and then I knew.
The time is getting near, my friends,
The time that I hold dear, my friends,
The veil is getting thin, my friends,
And strange things will pass through.

(author unknown)

Once again Autumn is here and we prepare for the most sacred of times. I was so pleased to have celebrated the Autumn Equinox with 13 other women, most just beginning their journey along the path of the witch. Some will stay, some will leave; all, including myself, have been enriched by the experience of Autumn celebrated in the old way.

This is the time when we draw inwards; searching, healing, experiencing that which hides deep, down, and within. We prepare ourselves for that deeper journeying while celebrating the change of season, this glorious time of year. Ancestor altars, for those who do not have them all year, are prepared. My ancestor altar is tended all year, but I give it an especial cleaning and decorate it for the season. As I do so, I remember. I remember those who have passed, what they mean to me, and know they are never far if I need them.

This year will be a time of intense, personal devotional activity, even more so than my usual daily devotions. I will, as usual, honor my ancestors of blood and breed, but, in addition, will add special ancestor workings for this season. They are calling and so I must answer. My usual practices are changing a bit too; all for the good. I know I am not the only one experiencing this, so I assume something is happening energetically to move us along down the paths of our practice. 

Last year I posted something I called Hallows Everyday. This year, again, I will post something each day to remind us of the season, a way to celebrate, a prayer, a poem, a picture. Enjoy!

Blessings nine!

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