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Friday, December 11, 2009

Jane Austen Challenge Finished!

Finished at last! Yes, I've completed my Everything Austen Challenge and much more. Originally, beginning July 1st, one was supposed to choose six Austen related tasks and complete them by January 1st. A little ways along, someone came up with the idea to do twelve, I believe. I became so engrossed in this little challenge that I ended up completing thirteen - but of course!!!! What else would a witch do? No mere dozen for me, it had to be... that most mysterious and misunderstood of numbers, thirteen! I was watching DVDs, reading like a mad woman (alright, so that's nothing new) and then finally.... after changing my mind several times, chose a little embroidery piece, Cheerful Company by The Sampler Girl (www.samplergirl.com) and... just a few minutes ago, took the final stitch. So there I am, Everything Austen Challenge complete. Hurray!

Here's my list of completed Austen related tasks:

1. Watched DVD, Persuasion (Amanda Root & Ciaran Hinds)
2. Watched DVD, Lost In Austen
3. Read What Would Jane Austen Do?
4. Read Jane Austen Ruined My Life
5. Read Tea With Jane Austen
6. Read Mr. Darcy, Vampire
7. Read Sense & Sensibility & Sea Monsters
8. Read Pride & Prejudice & Zombies
9. Watched DVD, Northanger Abbey (Masterpiece, 2007)
10. Read Jane Austen, A Life
11. Watched DVD, Becoming Jane
12. Watched DVD, Miss Austen Regrets
13. Stitched Cheerful Company, a design by The Sampler Girl

And here is the sweet little piece, stitched on 40 count Examplar linen, along with a stitching basket purchased long ago, forgotten and abandoned at our storage facility. I came across it a few weeks ago and brought it home. Also you can see a pair of scissors with a little scissor fob. I have so many favorite things that surround me; books, stitching treasures, fabric, threads and charts, tea necessities - need I go on? One can easily see why we have a storage facility in addition to Toadstool Condo - Beneath the Mushroom storage bay, LOL!

Thoroughly enjoyed this and one thing leads to another, so it is likely I will be continuing the Jane Austen adventure. So many books, so many samplers, etc. - I can't help myself. Everyone has their "special stuff" that makes life so delightful. And speaking of delightful things, a cup of an especially soothing tea is in order. I shall put the kettle on the hob... err, the stove - I'm living in Jane Austen mode, sorry!

In other news, today begins the Brumalia, honoring the goddess, Bruma, Roman goddess of the Winter Season. I celebrate for two days - don't really have a reason, I am just inclined to do so. To honor Her, welcome Winter by decorating home and altar with icicles, snowflakes, white candles and white lace. My decorations lean toward that and lots of red on the Solstice tree, among antique ornaments, stitched ornaments, cutest ornaments on the planets...! We are thankful for this time of year where we can be cozy in our homes and enjoy the journey within. Soon enough the days will become longer, embrace the darkness and its healing and contemplative magic.

The clock has just chimed the witching hour here at Toadstool Condo, midnight and time for that tea!

Blessings nine!

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  1. congrats! i finished with EA too, but keeping it in my regular reading and watching. such sweet stitchery. love it.