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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Witchy Ornaments & Other Things

Well, I'm off and running this morning preparing for my open house this evening. We've been doing this for about twenty five years and as much work as it is, I can't image not celebrating with friends and family. The cake for my Yule Log, a sherry sponge, is in the oven. Of course, no one will even taste this except for Mike - he waits until midnight when everyone has departed and then has his first slice. Generally he eats two slices on Christmas Eve and proceeds to eat the rest throughout the week. Sometimes I am permitted a slice. Lasagna and pumpkin tira misu is what the rest of us will be eating, along with the usual dips, crackers, chips and cheeses - and, of course, whatever anyone else brings!

You would think it is an exhausting way to spend Christmas Eve, however, it makes Christmas a day of rest and relaxation! The lasagna just needs to be heated and we generally only have one or two people joining us for dinner. When friends stop by throughout the day, there are still plenty of goodies to offer, I need only bring them out.

I thought I'd share some of my witchy ornaments. I have many antique, handmade and other charming ornaments, but these are the ones that are especially witchy.

Naturally we have one of these!
A celtic blackwork border with an acorn for abundance! And yes, the blackwork is reversible!
And, of course, we have a few of these - with a lovely glass pumpkin and more acorns scattered about the tree.
My tree topper is made from a fabric moon that had a paper angel. I removed the angel and added part of a beautiful winter goddess card along with some crystal snow flakes.

Now this!!!! I went to a nice little craft show in Crystal Beach in October while visiting my mother and found this miniature ouija board. It was supposed to be a necklace, but I immediately thought - ornament for the solstice tree!
And this is one of the ornaments Mike and I made when we first married, not witchy, I was still breaking him in to the idea. He carved the balsa wood and I added the image, cut from a Better Homes & Gardens Country Magazine article on antique Christmas cards.

And now... back to the kitchen, which is actually only across the room. Ah, the scent of baking goodies mingling with evergreen and bayberry, delightful! Enough prosing on, I've got to get back to work!!!

Blessings nine!

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