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Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's Blessings

Well, I managed to finish this little madonna for my mother, so she will have it tomorrow. I had thought to frame it myself, but have decided to take it to a framer near her and have it done professionally. Now, just a few more stitches on the little prim Time by Primitive Betty's, which I will finish before the new year, then onto other projects.

Stitching witches laughing and stitching. There is nothing like a good friend to wile away the evening with, needles in hands... or in Lucky's case, crochet hook. We talked and laughed all night, but managed to get some stitching done - with a few rip outs! Too much talking can certainly mess with the stitches!

May the New Year bring you joy & love, good health & prosperity
and more love than your heart can hold!

Blessings nine!

Vintage New Year's image courtesy of www.meltingpot.fortunecity.com

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