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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Toadstool Condo is decorated!

The holiday decorating at Toadstool Condo is finished, finally! My altar looks beautiful, if I do say so myself! Two different views so that all my Ladies can be seen!

The Solstice tree is sparkling with an assortment of antique, handmade and modern ornaments. We still hang the ornaments we made when we first got married. I cut out pictures of antique Christmas cards from Better Homes & Gardens' Country Magazine, then decoupaged them on to balsa wood that Mike carved. I can't believe it is almost thirty years ago!!!
And not to be forgotten, our Pagan Dickens Village! It is hard to see, but in the middle is a little circle with an altar, stang and holly tree. All of this activity was followed by a homemade chicken mushroom barley soup dinner with our friend Lucky. Dessert: brownies and hot cocoa coffee - really delicious! You make a pot of coffee and another pot of real hot cocoa - you know, real unsweetened cocoa, sugar and milk. Fill your cup half way with hot coffee, then add cocoa. I add cinnamon and some vanilla to the hot cocoa which gives a nice flavor.
Sterling B (AKA The Schmoodle) found all the activity exhausting and after being petted and spoiled by the three of us, took a nap! I plan to follow his lead - bed and relaxation, along with some stitching tomorrow!

Blessings nine!

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