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Saturday, December 26, 2009

What A Great Holiday!

This is my pumpkin tira misu - yummy - sprinkled with cinnamon and cocoa, decorated with little plastic Christmas trees - a bit retro. This was enjoyed by all.
I could not believe that this was all that was left of my lasagna for Christmas day!!! They practically ate the whole thing! It was all that laughing, I'm sure, worked up incredible appetites! Mike and I had the smallest Christmas dinner ever, but it was enough added to the memories of the previous night.
This is the newest addition to the witch collection, Jim Shore's Witch's Brew. I think I have all his witches in my collection, they are wonderful. The caption on the cauldron says, "A pinch of this, a dollop of that, chopped mandrake and some vulture fat." Adorable! My Mike is a great guy, he understands my passion for cauldrons and indulges me as often as he can.
This is a Primitive Betty's freebee which I finished AFTER Thanksgiving. I LOVE her designs, in fact I'm working on another one in addition to the piece below.
This is a gift for my mother - since I was not able to finish the Victoria Sampler Heirloom Nativity - the work continues!!! Another little freebee, monochrome, looks like an easy stitch. I started it this afternoon stitching it on some wonderful overdyed linen that looks like a sky with wispy clouds. Hopefully I will have it done to give her on New Year's Eve. There is also a Primitive Betty's mini that, also hopefully, will be done at the same time.

Relaxed, read, stitched and gabbed on the phone all day - gabbed on email as well. It's been a delightful few days. I hope yours was as wonderful!

Blessings nine!

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