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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Mother Holle

image from http://www.lokis-mythologie.de

Mother Carey am I, also known as Holle,
She who keeps the old stories you love to tell.
When I shake my pillow, the snow falls,
And I ride the wild winds of change & forgetting.
I can turn your dreams inside out or upside down,
Or gather you under the wings of my stormy petrel
And send you forth in search of fresh wisdom
Along the wind's keen ridge.
Whenever you see or hear me
You will know that wonder is near,
The wonder of Winter's darkness
And the light it hides inside.
- Caitlin & John Matthews -
The Sun in the Greenwood Ritual

As with many ancient goddesses, Holda is complex. Also called Hulde and Frau Holle, she goes by a variety of names and takes different forms, depending on locale and culture. In her form as a beneficent and noble White Lady, Holda is beautiful and stately, with long, flowing golden hair, which shines with sunlight as she combs it. She wears a white gown covered with a magical white goose down cape. At Yuletide, she travels the world in a carriage and bestows good health, good fortune, and other gifts to humans that honor her. She not only is connected with Winter Solstice itself, but also with the holiday season that continues many of its customs, the 12 days of Christmas -- from December 25 through January 6.
- Selene Fox -

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