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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Hallows Everyday 10

 by Tasha Halpert

The way was dark, lit by no stars,
The Moon had hid her face,
Faint wisps of fog trailed round my feet,
I did not know this place.

A bell rang out, it sounded twelve,
I was quite mystified.
Twas midnight of All Hallows Eve
How came I here? I cried.

Then as I looked, the fog dissolved,
Revealing to my eyes
A moonlit meadow bright as day
And a beautiful surprise.

For everywhere I looked I saw
The Folk both fair and fey
Come dance with us, they called to me,
Come join us while we play.

Come be with us, come dance with us
We'll crown you this night’s queen,
I started toward their company,
The fairest I'd ever seen.

Be careful, Lass! Who’s voice was this?
Should you join the dance, I fear,
You'll never more return to home,
And you'll dwell forever here.

I gazed into his blue, blue eyes,
And saw what there did shine.
My heart grew full, I fell in love,
And wished he could be mine.

His love enfolded me in bliss
That filled my heart to stay
No longer did I yearn to be
With the Folk both fair and fey.

The power of love is great dear lass,
The unicorn tossed his head.
Now let me guide you past the gates,
Before the night has fled.

Together then we left behind
The dancers fey and fair,
And side by side went down a path
That led I knew not where.

Yet I trusted him, I followed him,
His love surrounded me.
His horn ablaze with golden light
Shone forth to help me see.

It seemed we wandered on and on,
And yet, scant time had passed,
Until I heard his gentle voice,
Now, here you are, dear lass.

My own dear garden, Blessed Be!
He'd brought me safely here,
I'll not be leaving home, I said,
All Hallows Eve next year.

The sun was rising through the mist.
It twinkled on the grass.
The unicorn bowed his stately head.
Now I must go, dear lass.

My heart squeezed in my chest, tears welled,
Oh, tell me can't you stay?
Though I would, dear lass, you know,
I must be on my way.

Farewell, I cried, my thanks, Dear Heart,
When may we meet again?
In dreams, dear maiden, look for me,
Though I cannot tell you when.

The mist was gone, and so was he,
What a glorious, gladsome morn!
Forever I knew, I'd lost my heart,
To the gallant unicorn.


Blessings dark and deep!

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