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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Hallows Everyday 8

Joy, Rejoicing in the present
from The Halloween Oracle by Stacey DeMarco

I am standing here, now, in the present.
While my spirit is within, I am in this body now,
I am on this Earth now.
Here is where I belong at this time.
Here is where I can find pleasure, joy, wonder,
Simply if I choose to do it.

Ah, another interesting card today, but then this oracle is always interesting. This subject is a little pet peeve of mine. I listen, most days, to people who are on a serious spiritual path, they are working toward "ascension", being in the Universe. They all seem to forget how important THIS life, THIS planet, THIS time, is for them. I remind them. And so... I will remind you too.

You have no doubt read that sentence, "I am a spiritual being having a human experience." True, we are spiritual beings and that that seems to be everyone's focus, being a spiritual being. The part where we are having a human experience gets lost. A lot of people are way out there, off the planet. Honestly, many times I have no idea where there heads are.

Here's the deal, real simple: you are in this body, here on this earth, at this time, make the most of it. Be here, now, in the present. There is so much to experience, enjoy, learn. Yes, there are tough lessons, bad days, but the truth is, it is up to you, YOU can make the difference about how you experience life. 

Everyday I wake up with two choices, I can be happy or I can be unhappy. I choose happy; not fluffy, out of touch with reality, but just appreciative of what is here, now. You may see a trend with the cards that have been turning up so far in the Hallows Everyday divination. Look outside, there is always something beautiful to see, hear, touch. Look inside, there is plenty there to appreciate and find joy in. Hey... you woke up this morning!  All around us is everything we need.

When this card is presented to us, it heralds a time of more happiness and joy in our lives, a very good omen, indeed! Actively seek out that which gives pleasure, build more of that which gives joy and laughter in our lives.

It isn't complicated. A dear friend brought me a bag of acorns from her trip to New York. Each was perfect with its little cap. They were a bit damp in the plastic bag she put them in, so I put them on a plate and dumped salt over them; in a couple of days they were dry. A couple of the caps fell off so I glued them on. I look at them each day and find such joy in them. They remind me of my childhood in New York when I always collected acorns; the memories of autumn. A simple thing that brings pleasure. Then, I have a glass of apple cider, another very simple pleasure. Sometimes I make mulled cider, other times I drink it straight, but it always brings me joy. A cup of tea in the evening while I stitch or weave or read. A chat with my hubby or a friend, or just listening to music, or the quiet, or the purr of Sterling B. It's all good. I can always find the good even when I am experiencing a bit of depression or anxiety, I work to make it so. And so, my advice to you is... do the same, make your joy.

Blessings dark and deep!

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