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Friday, October 9, 2015

Hallows Everyday 9

Here is a recipe for a Hallows charm bag for drawing money which is begun on the new moon, October 12th, and then finished on Hallows.

Hallows Charm Bag For Drawing Money

9 pumpkin seeds
a spoonful of dried basil
a spoonful of dried dill
a spoonful of ground cinnamon
a spoonful of dried ginger
9 allspice berries
9 whole cloves
3 drops of olive oil
3 coins
a small citrine, aventurine, or clear quartz crystal
a green or orange charm bag or pouch
a 17 inch red ribbon
black felt tip pen

On the night of the new moon before Hallows, mix the herbs,
spices, and 3 drops of olive oil.  Enchant by raising energy
and moving the energy into the mix. Say this chant 9 times:

East and west, south and north,
Prosperity and riches, I bring forth!

Draw a dollar sign on each side of the pumpkin seeds with the
pen, then add them to the herbs, spices and olive oil. Place all 
into the  charm bag. Hold the coins and stones in your hand, 
enchanting and repeating the chant 9 times. Place them in 
the pouch, tie with a red ribbon. On Thursday, following 
the new moon, hold the bag in your hands after raising energy, 
say the chant 9 times, moving the energy into your pouch. 
Tie nine knots: one for beginnings, 2 for money, 3 for abundance, 
4 for stability, 5 to open the way, 6 for luck, 7 for success,
8 for blessings, and nine to seal the spell.
Place the charm bag in a special place, better your seasonal altar,
until Hallows. On the Holy day, light your sabbat candle or need fire. 
Hold the charm bag over the flame and say the chant
9 times more. Hold it and fill it with more strength and power.
Gives thanks, then place the bag in your handbag, on a prosperity
altar, or any other place that is of financial significance to you.

(adapted from a spell found in Halloween by Silver Ravenwolf) 
Blessings dark and deep!

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