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Friday, October 2, 2015

Hallows Everyday 2

Winter from the Halloween Oracle
by Stacy DeMarco

Today I asked the Ancestors for a message and they give me the oracle card, Winter. Most appropriate at this time as we begin our descent into the quiet of the year.

We are living in a time of dying now, plants are dying back, leaves drifting from trees, the Earth has given all She can give for now. The days are becoming shorter, and the beautiful, velvet night longer. Life is slowing its pace. We enter the time of metaphoric and literal death as Winter comes. Death, for most, is frightening despite the fact that we will all face it. Winter is the dead of the year, life slows almost to stillness. 

I remember as a child sitting in our back yard or walking through the woods nearby in Autumn. It was a special time; the scent of the air, the falling leaves, the crackle of the dying plants and grasses beneath my feet, the scarcity of animal life. I remember the utter stillness though, that is what stays in my mind, everything but the wind, halting, dying away.

The Ancestors have given us this card to remind us of what lies ahead, what is inevitable, and that we do not have all the time in the world. We need to look at ourselves, our lives, the way we live. Are these things, are we what we take satisfaction in? Do we appreciate what we have? Do we look at all the good there really is or do we focus on what we don't have, what we can't have, and the negatives? This is the time to let go of what stops us from living fully, what really doesn't serve us. It is natural and right and part of the cycle of our lives to move on, let things drift away, especially when they no longer benefit us. Too many live in a state of wanting what cannot be.

It is time to reassess our lives, let the past that holds us back die away and take the necessary action to make ourselves as happy and fulfilled as we can be. The burdensome past is over and cannot be changed. Let it go. Make the choice each day to see the beauty in our lives, and there truly is so much. This does not mean living in a fantasy world, but getting out of the fantasy. You have what you have, you are what you are, move forward with appreciation and make the best of your life.

Sit back for a bit as Winter moves in, contemplate and consider, plan and be what you wish to be within the bounds of reality. Appreciate every day you are given.

Blessings dark and deep!

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