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Monday, October 5, 2015

Hallows Everyday 5

A Drink For the Season

Stregalibby's Apple Cider

1 apple, cored
1-2 tsp. butter
1 quart apple cider
1 quart brewed apple cinnamon tea
(Celestial Seasons makes a good one)
¼ cup or to taste of maple syrup
3 cinnamon sticks
13 whole cloves
a good grating of nutmeg

Take a nice fat apple, core it, then carve 9 slits all around the sides, from top to bottom, 
but do not cut the top or bottom of the apple. You want the apple to open but not come 
apart. Bake in a 350 degree oven in a buttered pan for an hour or so, until soft and juicy. 
Save the juices in the pan. Remove apple to a dish. 
Bring a kettle of water to a boil. Pour a bit of the boiling water into the apple pan,
swish carefully to melt any apple dripping then pour into a 1 quart measuring cup.
Add 6 apple-cinnamon tea bags and fill to the 1 quart mark with boiling water.
Brew 10 minutes, remove teabags, and set aside.
In a non-reactive pot, bring 1 quart of apple cider barely to a boil and turn heat to low.
Add the spices and maple syrup as desired. Let simmer for half an hour. Taste and
adjust spices, adding more if you like. turn the heat to warm or transfer to a crock pot
on lowest setting. Add the baked apple. Make a blessing over the cider and enjoy!
This is delicious served chilled over ice too.

A Blessing For the Cider
(adapted from Silver Ravenwolf's book, Halloween)
Use this or any other blessing you like.

From the sun to the root,
From the root to the branch,
From the branch to the fruit,
I bless this brew in Great Hekate's name!
May those who partake never thirst.
So mote it be!

Be sure to leave a cup of the cider on your altar if you like.
This can then be poured as a libation onto the ground as an offering.
Alternatively, you can simply take the cup outside after making the
cider and make your offering.

Blessings dark and deep! 

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