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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Hallows Everyday 3

The Apple Parings

With a sharp knife pare an apple
Round and round and round.
Toss the paring o're your shoulder.
The initial found will be the one you'll marry.
Do not be afraid!
Tis an old prophetic omen good for man or maid.

The Jolly Hallowe'en Book, 1937

Love divination at Halloween was a common practice. You might try the apple paring if you are single and see what comes. But... do it on the Eve of Olde Hallows!

 Ace of Cups,
Ghosts & Spirits Tarot by Lisa Hunt

This is a very interesting deck and, for me, assists me in speaking directly to the Spirits and my Ancestors, hearing their wisdom so clearly. I have received good advice. This deck would seem to be a bit morbid, but for those who wish to make contact with the Spirits, it really isn't about the morbid at all, and very helpful.

Today's card is about... love and goes well with the apple paring spell above. The illustration for this version of the Ace of Cups depicts the ballet, Giselle, a tale very much about love, heartbreak, and forgiveness. 

If you are not familiar with the story, the simple version is Giselle, a peasant girl, meets and is wooed by a nobleman, Albrecht, who disguises himself as a commoner. Giselle falls deeply in love, but then learns who Albrecht really is and that he is engaged to a duke's daughter. There can be no future for them and she, heartbroken, drifts into madness and dies of her grief. Because of the nature of her death, Giselle becomes one of the female ghosts known as the Wilis. The Wilis have all died of the same fate and therefore condemn men to die by dancing to their deaths with these beautiful ghosts. Albrecht is remorseful and so Giselle saves him from the deadly punishment of dancing all night to his death by assisting him until the dawn summons the Wilis back to their graves. She forgives him and they proclaim their eternal love, attempting to reach through the veil and touch, a gesture of love that transcends the material. She holds a red rose in her ghostly hand symbolizing her everlasting love.

When this card is chosen, it is a message of love's energies directing your desires and the fulfillment of them. It is a card that represents joy and new beginnings; a new romantic relationship or friendship, a renewal of love in a long established relationship, perhaps even a new life such as a baby, an animal companion. A new spiritual path could be opening before you. Or... if you have been betrayed, the stirrings of healing and the renewal of trust, which is really most appropriate with this particular deck.

This time, while a time of dying things, is also a time of going within, becoming the seed, and preparing for rebirth and renewal. It is a time of rest, regeneration, preparation, restoration. Be careful who you chose to trust again, but remember, we all make mistakes, life is a series of them. Take your rest now, contemplate and begin the healing.

Blessings dark and deep!

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