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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Hallows Everyday 28

Skull of Flowers, Coming Through the Ashes
The Halloween Oracle by Stacey DeMarco

To blossom and bloom
The work must be done.
Through fire and ashes
Our fortune it comes. 

The seed... it always begins with the seed. Nestled in the rich, nourishing earth, it waits. When the time is right, it opens and makes its way through, up, up, around, pushing, no matter what obstacles may be in the way, to to burst into the world and be. This card, the Skull of Flowers, is about that journey and the rough ride of birth.

It is interesting that I was discussing just this journey with one friend and listening to another who is experiencing adversity right now. I also think of what the goddesses do to us when they claim us, tearing us apart and then watching as we put it all back together again... different, more experienced, perhaps better than before, surely? After all that we go through when we hit a rough patch, no matter what the outcome, we do come forth more knowing for the journey.

The Skull of Flowers presents itself today, just a few days away from the great holy day of Hallows/Samhain, because this is where it begins. We will snug down for the winter, reconsidering all that we might need and want to be, just like the seeds. Hallows gives us, energetically, the blank canvas to begin again if we choose, to create, make changes, or to deal with what the Goddesses, Ancestors, and other Spirits may feel we need to rework ourselves.

This Skull card signals blooming into fullness and fruition. What we want in our lives can be ours if we are willing to do the hard work. And it will be hard, a trial with obstacles, but the best is always gained that way. If we really want something it is so much more satisfying to sweat for it, know we, ourselves, did it. Of course there are the things in life that are thrown at us, those events that we could certainly live without; not our choice, but they are opportunities no matter how much it hurts, how difficult the climb.

The Skull of Flowers celebrates success and achievement through adversity, the tough times, the hard climb. Success, nonetheless. Get busy.

Blessings dark and deep! 

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